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Tom Sykes Kawsaki ZX10R photo

SBK Fast Dates Calenfar Kitten Hannah Fattery is featured in the new 2015 Fast Dates World Superbike Calendar with
SBK World Superbike Champion Tom Syke's Kawasaki ZX10R - Order Calendars Here

Final Technical Rules Announced for new 2015 World Superbike Single Evo Class

Scott Smart, FIM Technical Director - "In 2013 they introduced the EVO Class and it was agreed it would run through 2014 with the regular Superbikes, and again it would continue into 2015 and be the rule for the entire class. However, since that time we've made amendments to the rules to allow more manufacturers to be completive. Because as the EVO rules as they currently stand, certain manufacturers are going to stand out with stronger motorcycles.

So the rules haven't changed a lot…. There's pretty much going to be the same chassis. Currently the EVOs and the Superbikes run with the same (production) chassis. For next year (2015) it is going to be just one class, all Superbikes.

The big change is going to happen in the engines. The engines are going to be much closer to the road bikes. They'll represent what you can go into the shops and buy. However, we are going to allow more tuning than the EVO class currently allows. You'll be able to tune the camshaft, you'll be able to port the cylinder head, and that will allow all the manufacturers to make about the same horsepower. (Should any one manufacturer's bikes prove to fast, and win too much, then intake restrictors can be imposed on their engines - Ed)

Tthe big differencefor 2015 is going to be in the electronics. Right now the factory teams have a big advantage with the electronics, because they work very hard to develop them, and that disadvantages the smaller teams in the Paddock. It also means, if you are a smaller team you're never going to have enough staff and technology(develop your electronics) to be able to compete.

Now for next season, each manufacturer is going to be allowed (required) to provide a "Superbike Kit". In that Kit you are going to have all the electronics that are going to be needed on the bike. And that kit has to be available, and it's tightly price capped. So every team in the paddock running the same (brand) machinery will for EU $8,000 get exactly the same electronics as the factory team. And several times throughout the year the software developed by the factory teams has to be given to the smaller teams. So all the teams in the Paddock are going to know they are going to have the same equipment as the factory guys.

The only other small changes is going to be with the the throttle bodies. The throttle bodies play a very important role with the electronics now days for the control of the bikes. All the teams that don't currently have a Drive By Wire system will be allowed to modify their bikes to have Drive By Wire on them. Some teems obviously don't have Drive By Wire yet, so we'll allow them to have it, and that stands for the next 2 years.

After 2 years, which is the 2017 season, all the manufacturers, irrespective of how their road bike comes, will have to run with homologated standard throttle bodies. So in 2017 the bikes you'll see on the track are pretty much the bikes you can buy from the dealership (with the exception of the higher end homologated suspensions which will still can be used in Superbike- Ed).

Now by allowing this, this allows the manufacturers still running with throttle cable operated throttle bodies, to be much more competitive. And because they will be racing with it (Ride By Wire), they will now have the technology in place with the ECU. They are not going to have to go backwards in development. So all the work they do in 2015 and 2016 can be continued in 2017.

So its going to be quite and exciting time. What it allows is, its going to make the Championship a bit cheaper, its going to require a few less staff in the garage, but above all its going to allow the smaller teams to be on a much more equal footing with the big factory teams."

The Revided Rules: FIM Superbike & Supersport World Championships and FIM Superstock 1000cc Cup
Decision of the Superbike Commission

June 12th, 2014 - The Superbike Commission, composed of Messrs Javier Alonso (WSBK Executive Director), Ignacio Verneda (FIM Executive Director, Sport) and Takanao Tsubouchi (MSMA Representative), met at Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit on 12 June in the presence of Messrs Daniel Carrera (WSBK Championship Director) and Gregorio Lavilla (WSBK Sporting Director ).
The meeting focused on two points:

1. SBK Technical Regulations 2015:
The main pillars of the technical regulation 2015 were approved by majority inside the Superbike Commission.
In 2015 the Championship will return to one technical platform. The rules were previously agreed to be as the 2014 EVO regulations and they have formed the basis of the 2015 rules. However amendments have been made to ensure parity of performance across the diverse range of machines in the championship and the regulations are also aimed at both reducing annual costs and making the Championship more accessible to new teams.

Chassis Regulations:

Remain largely unchanged excepting some clarifications to several points. The tolerances applied in measuring frames have been removed.

Engine Regulations:
The previously agreed EVO regulations form the basis of the 2015 rules. However due to the very limited options available to ensure parity of performance between different motorcycles the level of tuning opportunities has been increased.

The notable points are:
• Camshafts are free
• Cylinder head porting is free but no welding
• Valves, pistons and most major engine components must remain standard
• Con-rods may be replaced with similar material but equal weight parts for safety
• Crankcases standard
• One set of racing gearbox ratios allowed for the whole season
• Balancing rules no longer use weight, it will be intake restriction only

Electronic Regulations:
The FIM Superbike World Championship remains the last high level championship open to the manufacturers to develop their electronic control strategies. The manufacturers will therefore be allowed to continue to develop the electronic solutions but these systems must be available to all other teams using the same make of machine and it will be called the ‘’Superbike Kit System’’.
The notable points are:
• Price limited Superbike Kit System available to all teams in World Superbike and other FIM championships
• Only approved ECU’s may be used in these kits – they will be race ECU’s
• The software of the factory team will be available to all other teams at three points during the racing season
• The Superbike Kit System must include all of the electronic parts not fitted to the standard street machine and required for the system to be fully operational (except the wiring harness)
• The selling price for the Superbike Kit System will be €8000
• Alternatively the Superstock Kit ECU may be used as in the 2014 EVO regulations, this is to encourage wildcard participation

Throttle Body Regulations:
For the 2015 and 2016 season the regulations will continue to allow the addition of Ride By Wire (RBW) systems to the throttle bodies. These systems must become available to all the other teams using the same machines. They will work hand in hand with the ‘’Superbike Kit Systems’’. For the 2017 season and onwards the regulations will mandate the use of the standard throttle bodies.

The notable points are:
• Ride by wire kits must be available to all teams in World Superbike and other FIM championships
• Only the machine manufacturer or one appointed supplier will be allowed to provide the kit (for safety)
• The price of the kits will be €2500
• All non RBW machines currently utilise a solution and the control strategies are mature
• Standard road bikes will adopt the use of this technology by 2017 meaning development continuity

*Complete provisional document will be available in the following days at FIM WEBSITE.

2. Additional engine allocation SBK category:

There was an official request from a team to slightly increase the number of engines available for 2014. The Superbike Commission refused this possibility by majority.

2014 Eni SBK World Superbike Championship, Misano Italy Round 7 of 13

Kawasaki's Sykes and Baz are Perfect at Misano WSBK
Misano, Italy, Sunday June 22nd 2014 – Following a difficult weekend in Sepang, the Kawasaki Racing Team was back on top form at Misano – in front of the 59,424 spectators attending over the three days – with reigning Champion Tom Sykes taking the double, Loris Baz finishing with a brace of second places and David Salom leading the EVO field in both races. Thanks to his third double of the season, Sykes has now a 39-point advantage over Sylvain Guintoli (Aprilia Racing Team) and 41 over teammate Baz.

Despite still being second in the standings, Guintoli was on the back foot today at the Misano World Circuit, missing out the podium and being edged again by his fellow works Aprilia rider Marco Melandri, who completed the podium in the two WSBK encounters of the seventh round.

Jules Cluzel (MV Agusta Reparto Corse) claimed the race win in World Supersport, while local rider Lorenzo Savadori (Team Pedercini Kawasaki) was victorious in the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup outing.

The eni FIM Superbike World Championship will be back in action in a fortnight’s time, as the series heads to the Portimão’s Autodromo Internacional do Algarve, for the first of two back-to-back rounds before the summer break.

Tom Sykes: “I am very pleasantly surprised at these results but I knew that the adrenaline and the concentration would give me something extra. It all went to plan in race one. I knew I had some limitation all weekend and I said that to my crew chief, and what the issues were. After that you need to get on and do the job. The lap times were quite surprising at the start and my pace too. The front and rear were moving a lot but the feedback from the bike was fantastic, so I have to thank Marcel and Danilo and all the mechanics for that. In race two it was even more difficult, I had to stay focused but at the end the control of the second race was probably a bit more relaxed than in race one.”

Sylvain Guintoli: “Title race wise at least I am holding onto second place but I definitely was expecting more. The top speed was there but we need to find consistency in our race pace especially in the second half. In Race 1 we made the wrong tyre choice, whereas in the second outing we made some adjustments to close the gap to the leaders. While I was with Marco and Baz I made a few mistakes which kept me from battling for the podium in the end. It's a shame there is no Race 3. Anyway, we need to keep working to be more consistent in the race”.

Both races would see Kawsaaki's Tom Skyes (1) pulling away from team make Loris Bazz (76) who held off Aprilia's Marco Melandri (33) and Sylvain Guintoli (50).

Race One: Sykes wins opening WSBK race in Misano from team mate Baz
Misano (Italy), Sunday 22 June 2014 – After 21 fast and furious laps, Tom Sykes (Kawasaki Racing Team) has won the opening race of the day at the Misano World Circuit – Marco Simoncelli after starting from Pole Position courtesy of his record breaking lap yesterday. This is the 19th individual WSBK race win, the first one at Misano, for the British rider, who extends his lead in the title race to 27 points over Sylvain Guintoli (Aprilia Racing Team). Loris Baz (Kawasaki Racing Team) and Marco Melandri (Aprilia Racing Team) took the remaining podium positions by finishing second and third, respectively.

From the start however it was Toni Elias (Red Devils Roma Aprilia) that took the holeshot before reigning champion Tom Sykes forced his way past towards the end of the opening lap.

Both factory Aprilia riders made small mistakes before regrouping allowing Loris Baz through to give chase to his Kawasaki team mate. Elias overshot at the start of lap 3 into turn one whilst the battle at the front was intensifying. As the race progressed the battle at the front was fast becoming a two rider affair with the fight for the final podium place now involving both Ducati riders as well as the two factory Aprilia machines, Elias and the Pata Honda of Jonathan Rea.

As the race entered the final third Sykes was pulling away from Baz by 2 tenths of second leaving the Frenchman a lonely second. The final podium fight was now between Marco Melandri (Aprilia Racing Team) and Chaz Davies (Ducati Superbike Team) with Melandri eventually grabbing 3rd at the flag.

Chaz Davies, Sylvain Guintoli and Toni Elias completed the top 6.

David Salom (Kawasaki Racing Team) came out on top in the EVO battle after working his way through the pack after being caught mid pack in the opening sequence of corners, eventually finishing a respectable 11th overall.

Alessandro Andreozzi (Team Pedercini Kawasaki) and Alex Lowes (Voltcom Crescent Suzuki) crashed out unhurt. Frenchman Fabien Foret (Mahi Racing Team India Kawasaki – EVO) retired on lap 10, after starting the race from the pit-lane due to a technical infringement found on his ZX-10R.

Superbike Race One Results: 1. Sykes (Kawasaki) 21 Laps/88.746 km in 33'46.932 average 157.620 kph; 2. Baz (Kawasaki) 5.012; 3. Melandri (Aprilia) 6.417; 4. Davies (Ducati) 7.783; 5. Guintoli (Aprilia) 16.248; 6. Elias (Aprilia) 17.399; 7. Rea (Honda) 21.162; 8. Giugliano (Ducati) 26.393; 9. Laverty (Suzuki) 26.842; 10. Haslam (Honda) 40.600; 11. Salom (Kawasaki) 42.064; 12. Canepa (Ducati) 46.804; 13. Corti (MV Agusta) 48.909; 14. Goi (Ducati) 50.429; 15. Barrier (BMW) 52.452; 16. Guarnoni (Kawasaki) 1'02.476; 17. Russo (Kawasaki) 1'11.815; 18. Staring (Kawasaki) 1'23.649; 19. Sebestyen (BMW) 1 Lap; RT. Morais (Kawasaki); RT. Lowes (Suzuki); RT. Yates (EBR); RT. Foret (Kawasaki); RT. Baiocco (Ducati); RT. Andreozzi (Kawasaki); RT. May (EBR); SH. Badovini (Bimota) 46.219; SH. Iddon (Bimota) 53.155.

Giuliano jump start MisanoWhat might have been - Ducati's Davide Giugliano beat Tom Sykes into Turn One off the Start in Race Two and became to pull out a half-second lead each lap, only to be boarded with a Ride Through Penalty for jumping the start by just an inch when the lights went green. The Ride Through dropped him back to last place, which he improved back to 9th/ 33 seconds behind by the end of the race.

Race Two: Repeat performance for Sykes in second encounter at Misano

After winning the opening race of the day reigning champion Tom Sykes was victorious again in race two putting in a commanding performance aboard his Kawasaki Racing Team machine. It was the 20th career individual race win and the third double in the season for the Brit, who is now one success short of two time WSBK Champion Max Biaggi.

Behind Sykes there was an intense race long three rider fight for the final places on the podium with Loris Baz (Kawasaki Racing Team) eventually grabbing 2nd ahead of Marco Melandri (Aprilia Racing Team) after some hard but fair overtakes between the pair. Sylvain Guintoli (Aprilia Racing Team) having to be content with fourth.

An equally exciting scrap behind the top four saw Jonathan Rea (Pata Honda World Superbike Team) emerge 5th ahead of Toni Elias (Red Devils Roma Aprilia),, Eugene Laverty (Voltcom Crescent Suzuki) and Alex Lowes (Voltcom Crescent Suzuki) who was 8th.

Race 2 was over before it had begun for Davide Giugliano (Ducati Superbike Team). The Italian who had finished 8th earlier in the day took the lead into turn one but was judged to have moved before the lights went out and was given a jump start penalty. He would eventually finish 9th after serving a ride through the pits for his mistake. Ducati’s other rider Chaz Davies crashed out of fifth on lap 5.

In the EVO battle the accolade of being the best classified finisher went once again to David Salom (Kawasaki Racing Team) despite a valiant race from Sylvain Barrier (BMW Motorrad Italia) on his return to racing.

Christian Iddon (Team Bimota Alstare - EVO) highsided out of contention early on but was thankfully able to limp away. Fellow Brit Leon Haslam (Pata Honda World Superbike Team) crashed out of the fight for fifth. Unlike Iddon, Haslam did remount to finish 12th.

Superbike Race Two Results: 1. Sykes (Kawasaki) 21 Laps/88.746 km in 33'55.695 average 156.942 kph; 2. Baz (Kawasaki) 3.083; 3. Melandri (Aprilia) 3.413; 4. Guintoli (Aprilia) 5.092; 5. Rea (Honda) 18.975; 6. Elias (Aprilia) 19.365; 7. Laverty (Suzuki) 20.177; 8. Lowes (Suzuki) 20.439; 9. Giugliano (Ducati) 33.820; 10. Salom (Kawasaki) 42.156; 11. Barrier (BMW) 43.581; 12. Haslam (Honda) 51.993; 13. Goi (Ducati) 53.714; 14. Russo (Kawasaki) 59.316; 15. Andreozzi (Kawasaki) 1'00.914; 16. Canepa (Ducati) 1'01.839; 17. Corti (MV Agusta) 1'07.178; 18. Staring (Kawasaki) 1'13.510; 19. Sebestyen (BMW) 1'31.715; RT. Guarnoni (Kawasaki); RT. May (EBR); RT. Davies (Ducati); RT. Morais (Kawasaki); NS. Baiocco (Ducati); NS. Foret (Kawasaki); SH.

Superbike Standings (Round 7 of 13): 1. Sykes 251; 2. Guintoli 212; 3. Baz 210; 4. Rea 199; 5. Melandri 179; 6. Davies 143; 7. Giugliano 111; 8. Elias 109; 9. Laverty 106; 10. Haslam 99; 11. Lowes 88; 12. Salom 67; 13. Canepa 43; 14. Camier 30; 15. Guarnoni 19; 16. Scassa 16; 17. Foret 14; 18. Corti 13; 19. Morais 10; 20. Andreozzi 9; 21. Barrier 6; 22. Allerton 6; 23. Bos 5; 24. Goi 5; 25. Staring 3; 26. Russo 2; 27. Toth 2; 28. Fabrizio 2; 29. Lanusse 1. Manufacturers: 1. Kawasaki 266; 2. Aprilia 244; 3. Honda 199; 4. Ducati 178; 5. Suzuki 156; 6. BMW 42; 7. MV Agusta 13.

World Supersport
s expected following a close qualifying session today’s World Supersport race was action packed from start to finish with multiple position changes at the front throughout the 19 lap encounter.
Pole Position setter Jules Cluzel (MV Agusta Reparto Corse) led from the start and immediately began stretching a lead of over the chasing group of riders that included Kenan Sofuoglu (Mahi Racing Team India Kawasaki), Michael van der Mark (Pata Honda World Supersport Team), Raffaele De Rosa (CIA Insurance Honda) and PJ Jacobsen (Kawasaki Intermoto Ponyexpres).
With Cluzel almost two seconds clear De Rosa crashed out of contention on lap 4 leaving Jacobsen, van der Mark and Sofuoglu to battle for the second and third places on the podium.

With five laps to go championship leader van der Mark had reduced the gap to Cluzel to under a second setting up another tense final few laps between the pair. At the flag Cluzel took the victory, his second of the year by 1.5s from championship leader van der Mark with PJ Jacobsen taking 3rd and his maiden world championship podium. Former champion Kenan Sofuoglu finished fourth with Roberto Tamburini (San Carlo Puccetti Racing) and Lorenzo Zanetti (Pata Honda World Supersport Team) completing the top six. 

Supersport 600 Results: 1. Cluzel (MV Agusta) 19 Laps/80.294 km in 31'40.587 average 152.089 kph; 2. Vd Mark (Honda) 1.537; 3. Jacobsen (Kawasaki) 3.400; 4. Sofuoglu (Kawasaki) 5.638; 5. Tamburini (Kawasaki) 9.923; 6. Zanetti (Honda) 11.018; 7. Marino (Kawasaki) 14.714; 8. Coghlan (Yamaha) 17.365; 9. Wilairot (Honda) 21.337; 10. Rolfo (Kawasaki) 22.215; 11. Nocco (Kawasaki) 22.407; 12. Kennedy (Honda) 22.641; 13. Wahr (Yamaha) 28.443; 14. Roccoli (MV Agusta) 30.202; 15. Gamarino (Kawasaki) 33.760; etc.

Supersport Standings (Round 7 of 12): 1. Vd Mark 135; 2. Cluzel 107; 3. Marino 85; 4. Zanetti 70; 5. Coghlan 68; 6. Sofuoglu 67; 7. Jacobsen 56; 8. Rolfo 55; 9. De Rosa 54; 10. Tamburini 48; 11. Wilairot 30; 12. Bussolotti 27; 13. Wahr 26; 14. Russo 25; 15. Kennedy 23; 16. Gamarino 22; 17. Menghi 19; 18. Nocco 16; 19. Leonov 15; 20. Gowland 9; 21. Zaidi 7; 22. Coveña 7; 23. Schmitter 3; 24. Calero 3; 25. Roccoli 2; 26. Rogers 1. Manufacturers: 1. Honda 156; 2. Kawasaki 119; 3. MV Agusta 115; 4. Yamaha 78; 5. Triumph 9.

Superstock 1000
Lorenzo Savadori (Team Pedercini) has taken the win, his first of 2014 in the 4th round of the FIM Superstock 1000cc Cup. Starting from Pole Position the Italian rider eventually crossed the line to claim the victory after 2nd place man Federico Sandi (Team Motoxracing) crashed on the 11th lap bringing out the red flag. That elevated championship leader Leandro Mercado (Barni Racing) to 2nd with … (read more)

Results: 1. Savadori (Kawasaki) 10 Laps/42.260 km in 16'43.398 average 151.621 kph; 2. Mercado (Ducati) 5.534; 3. Massei (Ducati) 5.666; 4. Jezek (Ducati) 6.897; 5. McFadden (Kawasaki) 8.492; 6. D'Annunzio (BMW) 8.627; 7. Lanusse (Kawasaki) 14.038; 8. Lussiana (Kawasaki) 14.396; 9. Valk (Kawasaki) 16.683; 10. Smith (Honda) 17.205; 11. Nemeth (Kawasaki) 18.848; 12. Calia (Aprilia) 18.964; 13. Muresan (BMW) 22.066; 14. Egea (Kawasaki) 23.302; 15. Alarcos (Kawasaki) 24.930; etc.

Standings (Round 4 of 7): 1. Mercado 72; 2. Savadori 58; 3. Jezek 58; 4. Massei 44; 5. Valk 39; 6. Lussiana 39; 7. McFadden 38; 8. Lanusse 37; 9. D'Annunzio 30; 10. Smith 22; 11. Nemeth 22; 12. Day 21; 13. Bergman 13; 14. Muresan 11; 15. Grotzkyj G. 10; 16. Pagaud 10; 17. Suchet 8; 18. Schacht 8; 19. Walraven 6; 20. Calia 4; 21. Castellarin 4; 22. Egea 2; 23. Moser 2; 24. Alarcos 1; 25. Ayer 1. Manufacturers: 1. Ducati 90; 2. Kawasaki 83; 3. Honda 38; 4. BMW 31; 5. Suzuki 6; 6. Aprilia 4.

2014 FIM MotoGP World Championships / Round 7 of 18

Marquez Wins Epic Race and Honda's 100th MotoGP Victory
Catalan Grand Prix, Barcelona, Catalunya, Race Day Sunday June 15th 2014 - Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda RC213V) won a stupendous seventh victory from seven races, at the end of an unforgettable battle with team-mate Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda RC213V) and Valentino Rossi (Yamaha) that was only settled in the final few corners. It was Marquez’s 13th premier-class victory (from just 25 starts!) which also made Honda the first manufacturer to achieve 100 wins in MotoGP, the four-stroke category introduced in 2002.   Complete Race Coverge Here

The King of the Isle, Michael Dunlop was BMW mounted for the first time this year.

2014 Isle of Man TT

Historic triple for BMW Motorrad:
Michael Dunlop also triumphs in the Senior TT on the Isle of Man

 Isle of Man, 8th June 2014 -. BMW Motorrad and Michael Dunlop (NI) have repeated history, echoing Georg “Schorsch” Meier’s (DE) legendary Senior TT victory of 1939 on the Isle of Man. Dunlop’s third BMW-powered victory of the week came in the most prestigious race of all: the blue riband Senior TT race. Before that, Dunlop had already won the Isle of Man TT Superbike and Superstock races on the BMW S 1000 RR. And it was him again who triumphed in an exciting and thrilling Senior TT race.
BMW Motorrad UK entered into road racing in 2014 to celebrate Meier’s famous victory of 75 years ago, in which he rode his factory Type 255 Kompressor and took BMW Motorrad’s first ever TT win. Joining forces with Hawk Racing, the team behind the Buildbase BMW Motorrad British Superbike entry, and supported by BMW Motorrad Motorsport, BMW Motorrad / Hawk Racing was formed.
The experts from Munich helped with their expertise, but also with technical support. For example, BMW Motorrad Motorsport supplied the Superbike engine for Dunlop’s RR. Beginning with the North West 200 in May, Dunlop and the team took victories in both the Superstock and Superbike classes as part of their build up to the Isle of Man TT. The BMW Motorrad / Hawk Racing team have now added a further three TT trophies to the tally, proving that the BMW S 1000 RR is a force to be reckoned with in road racing.
Twenty five-year-old Dunlop has secured his own place in history by increasing his total to a stunning 11 TT wins, three of them coming this week onboard BMW S 1000 RR machines in the Superbike, Superstock and Senior TT races. He also became the first rider in history to win four TT races in two consecutive years.   Complete Race Coverage Here

Lindsay Hancock 2004 Ducati 998S Final Edition Ducati Superbike

The Ultimate 2nd Generation Ducati Superbike!
2004 Final Edition Ducati 998S with a 999R Testastretta Engine

story and photography by Jim Gianatsis

I had always ridden, owned and raced Japanese Superbikes up until one spring day in 1993 when my good buddy Scott Reif who word at Honda R&D of America designing new bikes, brought one of their newly purchased 2nd Generation Ducati 916 Superbikes on one of our regular Sunday morning rides. Scott let me ride the bike on our twisty canyon roads, and the first corner I came to the bike seem to dive into the corner without any input and railed its way through and powered out our like it was on rails. And that V-Twin punch was just icing on the cake. At that point in time it was far and away the best sportbike I had ever ridden. I had to own one.    Continued in the Calendar Bike Garage

Donnington Superpole
Championship points leader Tom Sykes (far right) joined Guintoli and Melandro on the podium for Race Two after Kawasaki team mate Loris Caz too them both our in Race One.

2014 Eni SBK World Superbike Championship, Donnington, GB Round 6 of 13

Melandri and Guintoli Double for Aprilla in World Superbike at Sepag
Sepang (Malaysia), Sunday 8 June 2014 – Marco Melandri (Aprilia Racing Team) came out victorious in the second World Superbike race of the day at the Sepang International Circuit, making it two out of two in front of an enthusiastic Malaysian crowd that reached a total of 34,528 spectators over the three days. The Italian got the better of teammate Guintoli in the final lap of the race, with the two swapping positions three times before crossing the line. It was the second double of Melandri’s career after the one he scored in Brno two years ago, aboard the factory BMW.machinery he was riding at the time.
Complete Race Coverage Here

Guintoli (here at front front) held the lead on his Apriia team mate going into the final corner where Melandri dove inside to take the race lead a at the finish line by just 2 feet for one of the closet World Superbikerace finishes ever.

America's Top Builders Return to LA Calendar Motorcycle Show Sunday July 20th
     Many of America's top Celebrity Custom Bike Builders will be making their return to this year's 2014 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show & Concourse d' Elegance now relocated to the beautiful Malibu Golf Course in the Santa Monica Mountains above the Pacific Ocean on Sunday July 20th. Featured builders include Richard Pollock / Mule Motorcycles who just took 1st Place Custom at the 2014 Quail Motorcycle Gathering on May 17th with his just completed custom Triumph "Ivan the Terrible" which featured a James Dean Porsche 550 Spyder build theme. Pollock, known for his trademark Street Tracker style twin cylinder customs, plans to unveil two new bikes at this year's Calendar Show. His popular Mule Motorcycle customs have been photographed and featured by Show producer Jim Gianatsis in the Motorcycle PinUp Calendars many times over the last 15 years.

Canyon Motorcycles

Ledendary Builders featured in the popular Iron & Lace Custom Motorcycle PinUp Calendars plannihg to attend include Russell Mitchell / Exile Cycles, Richard Pollock / Mule Motorcycles, Ron Simms / Ron Simms Customs with
his Big Rig Display, Jim Guiffra & Spokesmodels / AFT Customs, Chris Redpath / MotoGPwerks,
Shinya Kimura / Chabott Engineering, Adrian Packet / Canyon Motorcycles
and many more!

Also returning in July to this year's Calendar Show is 7-time consecutive Class and Best of Show winner Jim Giuffra / AFT Metric Customs with the AFT Spokesmodels who help build the shop's custom bikes. They will be premiering their first new build in 2 years, and will be awarding the AFT Customs Visionary Award to the most innovative custom bike at the Show.

Other premier builders attending include the legendary Ron Simms / Ron Simms Customs making his only visit to SoCal with his Simms Big Rig Display Truck featuring an extensive lineup of all-new bikes in both the full-dress Bagger category, and his popular Softail and Bar Hopper customs. Plus you can expect past Calendar Show winners like TV personality Russell Mitchell / Exile Cycles, eclectic builder Shinya Kimura / Chabott Engineering, and custom sportbike builder Chris Redwing / MotoGP Werks among many others showing off their latest builds as well.

Richard poolock Mule Triump Russian ivan the Terrible photo picure

Mule Motorcycles Triumph Bonneville Tracker now in the Calendar Bike Garage!
Check out this awesome Triumph Bonneville Streetracker built by one of our favorite Calendar Bike Builders, Richard Pollock / Mule Motorcycles, now featured in the Calendar Bike Garage with complete details and large screen saver size pictures. We might just even have included this picture of beautiful Calendar Kitten Lindsay Hancock with the bike.... Go to Calendar Bike Garage

The 2014 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show & Concourse d'Elegance continues its now 23rd year tradition as the premier outdoor streetbike event in America with the Calendar Bike Building Championship & Concourse d' Elegance, top Celebrity Builders, selected Vendors and Exhibitors, and the live Calendar Girl Music Show. This year's designated charity is the American Cancer Society with a portion of gate receipts going to support their Research and Patient Care programs. Their will also be Motorcycle Dealership sponsored group rides to the Show on Sunday morning with additional information on the Show's website.

This year the Show moves to the Malibu Golf Course off Encinal Canyon Road, between Pacific Coast Highway 1 and Hwy 101, in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. The Show always kicks off the world premier of next year's new 2015 Motorcycle PinUp Calendars featuring the world's top road race and custom motorcycles with the beautiful SBK World Superbike Calendar Kittens Jitka and Petra from the Czech Republic featured in the Calendars in attendance at the Show.

The 2014 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show & Concourse d' Elegance on Sunday July 20th is just $20 General Admission, and $40 VIP Admission includes an awesome Food Truck Lunch w/ Beverages from the famous Baby's Badass Burgers and The Grilled Cheese. Event parking is free, with separate paved Motorcycle and Car Parking areas. Show capacity is limited and advance ticket purchase is suggested. The Malibu Golf Course is located at 901 Encinal Canyon Road. Malibu, CA 90265. Additional Information, Purchase Advance Tickets, Vendor and Bike Contest Registration is online at: Calendar Kittens and official SBK World Superbike Umbrella Girls, Jitka (left) and Petra (right) are featured in the
2014 Fast Dates World Superbike and Garage Girls Calendars, and the new 2014 Fast Calendar Digital Magazine.

Fast Dates Calendar Celebrates 20 years by bringing Czech SBK girls Jitka and Petra to
Laguna Seca World Superbike and the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show in July 2014!

June 24th 2014 -The Calendars and producer / photographer Jim Gianatsis are excited to announce an agreement with SBK World Superbike and the international model agencies and o bring beautiful Czech Republic SBK grid girls Jitka Pralinka and Petra Ruzinka to the United States this July 2014 to appear at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca United States SBK World Superbike and AMA National race weekend July 11-13th, and the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show in Malibu on July 20th.

The 1997 Fast Dates World Superbike Calendar photographed at 1995 Laguna Seca WSBK featured official Fast Dates SBK grid girls (left to right) Robin Hill, Anna Keller, Michelle Anthony and Valerie Bird with soon to be 1995 SBK World Champion Carl Fogarty's factory Ducati 955 F95.

It was 20 years ago in 1995 that SBK World Superbike first came to Laguna Seca, and producer Jim Gianatsis began working with WSBK producers Maurizio and Paolo Flammini. That year Jim first provided the beautiful Calendar Kittens, who are already at the track on race weekend to shoot with all the top factory World Superbikes, to also serve as the official SBK grid and podium girls on race day.

The new 2015 Fast Dates World Superbike Calendar photographed at 2013 Laguna Seca WSBK features official Fast Dates SBK grid girls (left to right) Hannah Flattery and Jessica Harbour with 2013 SBK World Superbike Champion Tom Sykes' factory Kawasaki ZX10 R13.

Jitka and Petra are stunningly tall 6-foot 2-inch long legged, beautiful blond hair professional supermodels hail from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and have been featured on SBK world TV race broadcasts and in the Fast Dates World Superbike Calendar the last 3 years.  They stand at the front of the SBK World Superbike starting grid towering above the race bikes and riders in their uniforms with umbrellas to showcase SBK World Superbike, the Championship's title sponsors Pirelli Tires, Agip Fuels and Lubricants, and Alfa Romeo Automobiles. In their official uniforms with 6-inch heels on their platform boots, the show stopping beautiful blond supermodels can intimidate the bravest factory racers and experienced photographers! For additional information on the Laguna Seca SBK/AMA race weekend and to to purchase ticket go to -

Following the Laguna Seca WSBK weekend, the two Czech supermodels will be visiting and shooting in Los Angeles with Jim Gianatsis, and appearing at the 23rd annual 2014 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show & Concours on Sunday July 20th, held this year at the Malibu Golf Course. The Calendar Motorcycle Show continues its  tradition as the premier outdoor streetbike event in America with the Calendar Bike Building Championship & Concours d' Elegance, top Celebrity Custom Builders, selected Vendors and Exhibitors, and the Calendar Girl Music Show. The Show always kicks off the world premier of next year's new 2015 Motorcycle PinUp Calendars featuring the world's top road race and custom motorcycles with the beautiful Calendar Kittens featured in the Calendars in attendance at the Show.

The new 2015 Fast Dates World Superbike Calendar features Fast Dates SBK grid girls (left to right) Jitka and Petra.

Both Jitka and Petra will join Jim in premiering the new 2014 Calendars at the Show and fans will get to meet them in person, have an opportunity pose with them and bikes for professional pictures by, and purchase autographed copies of the new Calendars. On Monday following the Show the girls will also be shooting with the winning bikes and builders at the Calendar Show for next season's Calendars.

This year the 2014 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show & Concourse d' Elegance takes place on Sunday July 20th at the Malibu Golf Course off Encinal Canyon Road and Mulholland Road, between Pacific Coast Highway 1 and Hwy 101, in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, not far from the legendary motorcycle gathering spot The Rock Store. General Admission is just $20, with optional VIP Admission $40 which includes in-show display parking for special interest bikes, an awesome Food Truck Lunch w/ Beverages from the famous Baby's Badass Burgers and The Grilled Cheese. Event parking is free, with separate paved Motorcycle and Car Parking areas. Show capacity is limited and advance ticket purchase is suggested. The Malibu Golf Course is located at 901 Encinal Canyon Road. Malibu, CA 90265. Additional Information, Purchase Calendars, Advance Tickets, Vendor and Bike Contest Registration is online at -

Meet the offical SBK Fast Dates World Superbike Girls Here!

Shayna Texter

Supermodel Melena Costa and a Sportster Cafe Racer.

Xtreme Bies Cafe racers Magazine digital free downloadCLICK! Free Digital Download of Cafe Racers aand Xtreme Bikes Latest Issues!

2014 FAST Dates Calendar Yearbook

NEW! FAST 2014 Digital Calendar Magazine Yearbook
The Bikes, the Builders, the Riders, the Kittens,the Calendar Bike Show, the World Superbike races all the 2014 Calendar Pictures, and Special Features... For the first time every we take you around the world in 120 exclusive pages for the making of the 2014 Calendars!    Now in Members Corner

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Petra SBK Girls 2014
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Ducati Corse
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World Superbike SBK yearbook 2010

The Official SBK
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World Superbike SBK yearbook 2010

The Official SBK
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These SBK Yearbooks are the Best Books Ever about World Superbike. They feature awesome color photography of the riders, bike and racing action. The feature a detailed revue of the past season in pictures and statistics, with a detailed look at the bikes and riders.

Plus a technical look data all the bikes, a preview of the upcoming season's Championship!
We buy this every year ourselves and highly recommend it!

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Laguna Seca WSBK Advance Ticket Discount from Russ Brown
& Meet Wayne Rainey
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys invites you to save big and meet racing celebs at the FIM Superbike World Championship which returns to Mazda Raceway, Laguna Seca on July 11-13th 2014.
Get $20 off 3-day passes (advance online purchase only) using promo code “MYBAMFAM” at check-out. For tickets, CLICK HERE
Come by the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys booth on Saturday, July 12th between 10 AM and 11 AM to meet former American Grand Prix motorcycle racer, Wayne Rainey and Cycle News Editor, Paul Carruthers.
Advance ticket sales end on July 7th, 2014 at 4 PM so don't miss out on this chance to save big on this event featuring two races with high performance riders, teams and manufacturers.  With about 25 riders lining up on the starting grid, the competition promises to be fierce.

An unexpectedly difficult day for the Ducati Superbike Team today at Misano
  Misano Adriatico (Italy), Sunday 22 June 2014 – The Ducati Superbike Team and riders Chaz Davies and Davide Giugliano experienced a more difficult race day than they had perhaps expected today at the Misano World Circuit. After strong performances by both riders throughout the practice and qualifying sessions, Davies closed race 1 fourth before retiring from race 2 after a crash, while Giugliano battled his way to eighth and ninth position.
Race 1 - Conditions were warm and dry for the first race with a track temperature of roughly 38°C. Giuugliano, starting from second place, was lying fifth through the opening corners, with teammate Davies hot on his heels in sixth. After only a few laps the Ducati Superbike pair swapped place, with Chaz able to increase his pace through the central phase of the races. Davide, held back by bike vibration issues, maintained sixth place for the best part of the race, but from the fifteenth lap onwards the problems became more difficult to manage and, also due a drop in rear grip in the final stages, the Italian rider was passed by two riders to cross the line in final eighth position.
Chaz, fifth at lap seven, pushed hard to reach Melandri, managed to get to within 0.2 of a second within the space of only a few laps. He did all he could to pass him but had to settle for fourth position in the end.
Race 2 – the track temperature had risen to 44°C for race two. Having changed tyre, Giugliano got off the line extremely quickly to position first. Unfortunately he then received a ‘ride through’ penalty as his start was considered to be a jump start by Race Direction. As a result the Ducati man went from first to seventeenth after completing the ride through on lap five. He immediately fought back, pushing to move through the field and was up to thirteenth by lap nine and ninth by lap twelve. Unfortunately the gap between him and the eighth placed rider was too large and although he did his best to reduce the distance, he was unable to gain any more positions, therefore closing in final ninth position. Chaz too started fast and was lying fifth by lap four. Unfortunately he then suffered a small crash at Turn 4 when, pushing on entry, he lost the front of his bike. Although he was able to return to the track without issue, he was down in 24th position. The British rider decided to remain out on track, in case something happened to cause a race restart, but once he’d completed fifteen laps, two thirds of the race distance,  the rider returned to the garage.
After seven of fourteen scheduled rounds, Davies holds sixth position in the general standings, with 143 points, while Giugliano is seventh with 111 points. Ducati lies fourth in the manufacturer’s classification with 178 points.
Chaz Davies (Ducati Superbike Team #7) – 4th, DNF - “Fourth in race one wasn’t bad. In the final stages I was riding at the limit and although I got close to Marco at one point, he was able to pick up the pace at the end and I couldn’t match that. I’m a bit frustrated about the time I lost at the start when Elias ran off track – he was right in front of me and I was forced to brake. 
In race two I had a bit of a strange feeling with the front of the bike right from the start. We hadn’t made any big changes between race 1 and 2, but I guess the higher temperatures caused the change in feeling. The problem is that you need to get away strong and stick with the front guys - if instead you have to push to make up lost ground the tyre deteriorates more quickly. I also had a damaged footpeg after the crash but I stayed out until we were two thirds of the way through the race, just in case there was a red flag for any reason. After 15 laps I decided to come in, also because coming in meant the engine did a few laps less.”
Davide Giugliano (Ducati Superbike Team #34) – 8th, 9th- “It was a tough day. In practice we hadn’t tried the other rear tyre, the one that many of the other riders used, because the lap times recorded on the used tyre were consistently good in the practices. Unfortunately it was a very difficult race, I had a lot of vibration at the rear and the grip really dropped off in the second half. Then in race 2 I made a mistake – in trying to start as well as possible I did too much and made a jump start. I wanted to get away as fast as possible and not get trapped in traffic like in race 1, and from the pace I had through the first laps I know I could have done that. A pity, as the tyre was working well and I was happy with the bike. I’m sorry for both me and the team, especially on a weekend in which we were constantly fast in every session. We are continuing to improve and I’m certain that it’s only a question of time before we are able to bring full satisfaction to the team, Ducati and all of our supporters and fans.”
Ernesto Marinelli (Ducati Superbike Project Director)
“The weekend definitely didn’t end as we had hoped but unfortunately this is racing and it’s important that we react in a constructive and determined way. We nevertheless achieved good results in practice and in race 1 Chaz again just missed out on the podium. Davide was constantly fast but unfortunately in race 1 an unexpected problem at the rear slowed him down significantly. In race 2 he got away fast but the error off the line was identified by race direction who rightly applied a ride through penalty. Chaz’s crash then ended our chances. Our work continues and we have more data to analyse. We will do all we can to improve for the next races.”

2013 MV Agust M4
MV Agusta F3 800cc

Ducati Diavel
The Devil Made Us Do It!
Testing the Ducati Diavel in Italy

BMW HP4 report test photo pictures
New BMW HP4 Superbike

World Superbike SBK yearbook 2010

Sudco Motorccyle Parts

Sudco Carburetor Kits & OEM Replacement Parts

2007 MotoGP Review

High Speed - the Movie
The best motorcycle racing movie ever made! Filmed on location at the World Superbike races , this an exciting romantic drama staring beautiful British actress Sienna Miller.

The Alps and Lakes motorcycle tour takes you through a beautiful part of European motorcycle paradise; the Alps. The contrast between the beautiful lakes in southern Germany and Austria and the towering mountains that reach up to more than 10,000 ft is nothing less than breathtaking.

This area is the famous background for the movie "Sound of Music“. This vacation offers a little bit of everything: beautiful and relaxing rides through the valleys; some mountain roads and passes; and great vistas and sights, including King Ludwig‘s castle, Herrenchiemsee, and the historic city of Salzburg. The tour consists of five riding days, one of them is a rest day – which means that you stay two nights at the same hotel.
This is a great opportunity to explore a little bit more, ride around the countryside, walk through town, meet the locals and sample some of the local food. The tour will take you through Germany and Austria, and on the rest day you can even add Italy to your list if you are so inclined.

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2014 World Superbike
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Feb 23      Phillip Island AUS
April 13     Spain, Aragon
April 27     Netherlands, Assen
May 11     Italy, Imola
May 25     GB, Donnington
June 8      Malaysia, Sepang
June 22    Italy, Missano
July 6        Portugsl, Algarve
July 13      USA, Laguna Seca
Sept 7      Spain, Jerez
Oct 5        France, Magny Cours
Oct 19      South Africa, Phakisa
Nov 2       Qatar, LosailA

All Rounds include Superbike and 600cc Superstock except USA is Superbike only.
European rounds also Include 1000cc Superstock.

2014 MotoGP
Mar 23  -  Qatar – Doha Losail
Apr 13 -   Americas, Austin TX
Apr 27 -   Argentina
May 04 -  Spain, Jerez Frontera
May 18 -  France, Le Mans
June 1 -   Italy, Mugello
June 15 -  Catalunya,Catalunya
June 28 -  Netherlands,AssenTT
July 13 -   Germany, Sach Ring
Aug 10 -  USA, Indianapolis
Aug 17 -  Czech Rep, Brno
Aug 31 -  GB, Silverstone
Sept 14 - San Marino, Misano
Sept 28 - Aragon Motorland
Oct 12 -   Japan, Motegi
Oct 19 -   Australia, Phillip Island
Oct 26 -   Malaysia, Sepang
Nov 09 -  Valencia, Ricardo

2014 British Superbike
Click Date for Race Report
April 19-21    Brands Hatch Indy  June13-15    Snetterton            

June 27-29    Knockhill
July 18-20     Brands Hatch GP
Aug 1-3         Thruxton
Aug 8-10       Oulton Park
Aug 23-25     Cadwell Park
Sept 5-7        Donnington Park
Sept 19-21    Assen
Oct 3-5          Silverstone GP
Oct 17-19      Brands Hatch

May 24-Jun 6th Isle of  Man TT

2014 AMA Superbike
Feb 13-15     Daytona FL
May 30-Jun 1   Road America WI
June 21-22    Barber, AL
July 11-13    Laguna Seca CA
July 19-20    Mid-Ohio
Sept 13-14  New Jersey

2014 Yamaha USA Superbike Shootout
Yamaha SoCal Nationals at
Auto Club Speedway in
April 26-27Fontana, CA on ;
Pacific Nationals at Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, CA on May 3-4
Mountain Nationals at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT May 24-25.

2013 World Superbike
Season Preview

Feb 24      Phillip Island AUS
April 14     Spain, Aragon
April 28     Netherlands, Assen
May 12     Italy, Monza
May 26     GB, Donnington
June 9      Portugal Portimao
June 30    Italy, Imola
July 21     Russia, Moscow
Aug 4       GB, Silverstone
Sept 1      Germany, Nurburgring
Sept 15    Turkey, Istanbul Park
Sept 29    USA, Laguna Seca
Oct 6        France, Magny Cours
Oct 20      Spain, Jerez

2013 MotoGP
Apr 7    -   Qatar – Doha Losail
Apr 21  -   Americas, Austin TX
May 5 -     Spain, Jerez Frontera
May 19 -   France, Le Mans
June 2 -    Italy, Mugello
June 16 -  Catalunya,Catalunya
June 29 -  Netherlands,AssenTT
July 14 -   Germany,Sachsenring
July 21 -   USA, Laguna Seca                (Only MotoGP class)
Aug 18 -  USA, Indianapolis
Aug 25 -  Czech Rep, Brno
Sept 1 -   GB, Silverstone
Sept 15 - SanMarino Misano
Sept 29 - Aragon Motorland
Oct 13 -   Malaysia, Sepang
Oct 20 -   Australia, Phillip Is
Oct 27 -   Japan, Motegi
Nov 10-   Valencia, Ricardo

2013 AMA Superbike
Mar 14-16     Daytona FL
May 31-Jun 2   Road America WI
June 21-23    Barber, AL
July 12-14    Mid-Ohio
July 19-20    Laguna Seca CA
Aug 2-4       Miller MSports, UT
Aug 16-18   Indianapolis IN
Sept 13-15  New Jersey
Sept 27-29  Laguna Seca CA

2013 British Superbike
Click Date for Race Report
April 5-7         Brands Hatch Indy
Apr 12-14      Thruxton

May 4-6         Oulton Park
June 14-16    Knockhill
July 5-7         Snetterton
July 19-21     Brands Hatch GP
Aug 9-12       Oulton Park
Aug 24-26     Cadwell Park
Sept 6-8        Donnington Park
Sept 20-22    Assen
Oct 4-6          Silverstone GP
Oct 18-20      Brands Hatch

May 26-Jun 2nd   2013 Isle of                             Man TT, UK

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Ducati Edelweiss Imola
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Fast Dates Calendar Shoot at   Miller USA WSB 2010
20th Anniversary Fast Dates    World Superbike Calendar
2009 LA Calendar Bike Show    Hot Bikes, Beautiful Girls
• John Britten A Video Tribute
   to Motorcycling's Innovator
Heart Attack Grill - the
   World's Sexiest Hamburgers!
• Roehr Harley Supebike
   Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear
Troy Bayliss Interview  
  3-Time World SBK Champ
Valentino Rossi Interview
  8-Time Grand Prix Champ
2010 Fast Dates Cal Shoot
Baltika Beer - Worlds Best!
• DMG Kills AMA Superbike!
BMW S1000 RR Superbike
High Speed - the Movie
Casey Stoner - MotoGP star

BMW HP2 Sport
Ducati Hypermoto R
2009 Fast Dates Shoot
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Calendar Bike Show 2007
Vyrus Superbike Exotica
Ducati 1098S Tri Colore
Lame Ducks?
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At just $199 per person, this is an amazing opportunity you don't want to miss. Reserve your Ducati Ticket Package today and make sure to use promo code "DUCATI" to get these exclusive savings. Purchase these advance tickets on the website

Michelin to be the new Spec Tire for MotoGP Beginning In 2016
May 23rd - Today Dorna announced that Michelin will take over from Bridgestone as the spec-tire manufacturer in the MotoGP World Championship beginning in 2016 and it turns out that they didn’t have much competition: The French company was the only tire manufacturer to submit a formal tender.

At the beginning of May 2014 Dorna, in agreement with the FIM, opened a tender for tire manufacturers interested in becoming Official Tire Supplier to MotoGP. Interested tire manufacturers were able to request the technical specifications from Dorna’s Managing Director Javier Alonso, with three potential tire suppliers initially expressing an interest – before Michelin alone made a formal tender before the May 22 deadline.
The next step in the process will be the drawing out of a commercial agreement between Dorna and Michelin as Official Tire Supplier, Dorna says, with “Michelin having already clearly proven its technical abilities to respond to the needs of a demanding Grand Prix racing schedule.”

Dunlop Motorsport issued a release today explaining why it didn’t submit a tender to Dorna.

“MotoGP continues to be a very strong global event, and we are proud of our long-standing relationship with the MotoGP organizers through our continued supply to the FIM Moto2 and Moto3 World Championships,” said Sanjay Khanna, the managing director of Dunlop Motorsport and Motorcycle EMEA. “Dunlop is in the fortunate position of having many strong partnerships with motorcycle manufacturers and leading championships around the world. We have taken the decision to focus on developing and supplying tires for these important partners for the immediate future.

“We believe our performance in events where there is open-competition between tire manufacturers, such as road racing and the FIM Endurance World Championship, prove that Dunlop has the capability to win races at the top-level of motorcycle racing. However, with such a diverse range of racing activities already planned for 2015 and beyond, we have chosen not to tender to be the Official MotoGP supplier on this occasion. We do not rule it out as an opportunity in the future.”