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Kari's debut album ' A Life in the Day" is available on her website at the link below, or by clicking on theAmazon.com CD cover link, upper right.


July 18 & 19th - LA Calendar Motorcycle Show at the Queen Mary Event Park, Long Beach

Chicks That Kick Ass!

Kari Kimmel
Beautiful & Talented Singer / Songwriter, LA Calendar Bike Show Featured Performer

Kari Kimmel is in the middle of a major break out. Her gifts as an incredibly multi talented song writer, singer and performer set her apart as an artist that might comes along once in a decade. Comparisons could be made to Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon and Carl King from 30 years ago, reborn for the new century that should be ready to throw out the repetitive drone of depressing rap, for a return to real music performed with a talent that you can't help but love and embrace with a warm smile. Kari Kimmel makes our day, every day, as her unforgetable songs like "To Make You Smile" contines to run through our head days after hearing it. It does make us smile.

Kari Kimmel LA Calendar Motorcycle Show & Music Festival

We discovered the beautiful songstress at a small music club in Los Angles performing for a group of dedicated fans who have discovered this very talented singer / songrwriter. We were excited to get to meet Kari and her friends, join that privileaged ourselves, and then in a effort to stay in her good graces, somehow convince Kari that performing at our big LA Calendar Motorcycle Show would be her really big ticket to fame success. In reality she was probably just being nice, but we'll take her any way we can just to have the chance to share her talent with you....

Thus far, in both 2007 and 2008 Kari has performed both days at our big annual July 2-Day LA Calendar Motorcycle Show and calendar Girl Music Festival Weekend at the Queen MaryPark in Long Beach CA.

Kari Kimmel, a girl from Boca Raton, FL., has been infatuated with music for as long as she can remember. Her intense passion for singing and creating has allowed her to turn her love for music into a career. She has written and performed songs for movies such as "White Chicks", "Ella Enchanted", "Shall We Dance".

She performed her first music video "It's Not Just Make Believe" which can be seen on the Ella Enchanted DVD and hosted the red carpet premier aired on ABC Family. As well as movies, Kari's songs have also been featured in numerous television shows such as "8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter", "The Gilmore Girls", "The Young and the Restless", "The Bold and the Beautiful", MTV's "Camp Jim", "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills".

Kari Kimme singer

The media has also noticed Kari's talents. Kari was listed as one of the top 50 artists on VH1.com, and has been featured in Demo Diaries and Hit's magazine as an upcoming unsigned artist. In addition to her writing career, Kari loves to perform live. She has played at various clubs and venues around the U.S., a benefit hosted by Prince Edward of Wales, Teen People Magazine, and performs and open-air concert every Fourth of July in Orlando, FL. for an audience of 30,000.

Kari's latest endeavor, "A Life in the Day" is her first solo record. It has been described as "a scrapbook diary of journeys that showcase a mature, searching and passionate soul living on the edge of great expectations in everything from love, life, and pursuit of something more. Amazing songs paired with an undeniable brilliant voice makes this record a breakthrough debut.." While writing her own solo album, Kari has also written for other artists, delivering a major hit single for American Idol Kimberley Locke with "I Could".

Kari currently lives in Los Angeles. "Great music is undefinable. It can trigger things that have happened in the past and take you on a journey that reaches such deep emotions, you may not realize that it was music that brought you there. It's mysterious and it almost has a life of it's own. It can heal and it can break people down. I write songs because that's all I know to do. I function that way- everything I feel and everything I think about gets poured into a song, and my hope is that it has the power to make people feel things that change the way they look at life."

Kari Kimmel singer

April 2007 Kari's newest Video with her band Frill

Kari wrote and sings in the title music video
"It's Not Just Make Believe" for the Disney movie Princess Diaries - Click It!

Kari live performance singing Carol King's "Natural Woman"

Kari Kimmel Official Websites: KariKimmel.comMySpace.com/KariKimmel

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Kari Kimmel CD album
Buy Kari at Amazon.com

What's Hot!
Kari Kimmel
Incredible new singer/song writer featured on top TV and Movie sound tracks will be performing music from her awesome new CD live at our LA Calendar Motorcycle Show

Kari's song
"Taking a Ride"
Is the FastDates.com &
LA Calendar Motorcycle Show theme song!

Kari Kimmel on MySpace.com/KariKimmel

Aly & AJ
Into the Rush
Enhanced CD & DVD
click to order

The two wrote all but two tracks on the album. (Their versions of “Do You Believe In Magic” and “Walking on Sunshine” were featured on the hit film, Herbie: Fully Loaded). What’s more, Aly co-stars as Keely Teslow in the hit Disney Channel series, Phil of the Future, which allows her to sing and act, while AJ has had guest spots on Six Feet Under, Oliver Beene and Birds of Prey, and regular roles on CBS’ The Guardian and the classic soap opera General Hospital.

Aly & AJ
On The Ride - Concert DVD
click to order

Popular young pop singers Aly and AJ make their concert debut in On The Ride with live performances of seven songs from their first album Into the Rush. Set in a relatively intimate venue with an audience brimming with pre-teens and young teens, Aly and AJ deliver a solid, if somewhat short, concert performance. The pair seems genuinely exuberant and comfortable on stage, and their performance both vocally and instrumentally is polished and effective. Critics might criticize their decision to intersperse interview footage and "making of" discussion between the musical numbers rather than presenting them as a cohesive bonus feature following the concert footage, labeling it a not-so-subtle effort to extend the running time of the DVD. In truth, the juxtaposition functions effectively as a means of giving their young target audience insight into the meaning and mood of each musical number. Themes like bullying, first boyfriends, and sibling relationships pervade Aly's and AJ's primarily original songs and are entirely relevant to young audiences. Likewise, the footage of Aly and AJ acting like typical teenagers when faced with a room full of wardrobe choices furthers the sense that Aly and AJ are real kids who just happen to be making it big in the musical world.

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