The Foggy Petronas at it's press introduction in London in June 2002.

The Foggy Petronas Superbike

June 2002: When the curtain went up we were greeted by the sight of Carl Fogarty standing proudly in front of a stunning ice sculpture of the bike. Flanking him in full race leathers were his riders, Troy Corser and James Haydon sitting on their race machines. To say that the bike looks stunning would be an understatement. The black screen looks high and raked back the result of hours of aerodynamic testing. The rear section with the triple exhaust exiting centrally under the cowl is pure sex. To finish off the overall appeal is a turquoise and black colour scheme with a red seat hump means that the bike will stand out from the rest of the pack.

The chairman of PETRONAS, Mr Tan Sri Dato' Seri Azizan Zainul Abidin, officially launched the team and said how proud he was. When asked why he had picked Foggy to head the team he replied simply. "He is a
legend." He also announced that he had agreed to sponsor the team for five years, enough time to gain the world championship.

Carl Fogarty then took over the microphone and expressed his gratitude to the team for all the effort that they had all put in to get them to where they are today. There have been many detractors in the press that seem to take great pleasure in slating the team and casting doubt on the teams abilities to meet their deadlines. Today's launch should shut up even the most pessimistic of critics and prove that when the team say they are going to do something, they do it.

The FP1 was originally developed as a 998cc triple for entry into the MotoGP series by PETRONAS and Sauber. However in late 2001 PETRONAS decided that they would contest the world superbike series instead in conjunction with Team Foggy Racing Ltd, thereafter know as Foggy PETRONAS Racing. This change meant that a number of major changes had to be made to the machine for it to be eligible to race in 2002. The first and most important was the reverse in-line triple engine had to be reduced to 900cc to comply with the technical specifications for triples in the superbike class. This was then mated with a chassis that was designed and built in record time by the team. A state of the art exhaust system was developed which features a unique three into one into two into three arrangement which allows the engine to run at lower revs.

Some of the other technical changes made include:
- Changing the bore and stroke to increase drivability at the torque curve.
- Increasing the size of the gears to improve life.
- A redesign of the cylinder head and crank cases.
- A vertical split in the headstock of the air intake.
- A change of injector bodies and increase in powertrain weight to improve drivability.
- An improved lubrication circuit.

All of these adaptations have been made in an unprecedented short time frame. James Haydon and Troy Corser only saw the completed machine in its final livery this morning and both of them were delighted with the finished product.

Foggy Petronas FP1 Superbike Specifications

General specifications
Overall length: 2045mm
Overall width: 680mm
Height: 1100mm
Seat height: 800mm
Ground clearance: 120mm
Handlebars height: 830mm
Footrests height: 420mm
Weight (including oil and coolant): 162kg
Fuel tank capacity: 23.5litres

Twin Spar Welded Alloy Xylan coated
Airbox , Seat Sub-Frame, Dash Mount and Intake duct: carbon fibre
Wheelbase: 1425mm
Adjustable trail 93.59-109.7mm
Adjustable rake 23 degrees 30 minutes - 24 degrees 30 minutes
Ohlins steering damper

Low Drag Whole Bike Optimized - Carbon Fibre
Main fairing - 4 piece quick release
One piece Hugger Chain guard - Carbon Fibre

Fuel Tank
Aluminium with internal fuel pump,filter, PRV assembly.

Front Suspension
Ohlins upside-down fork - 43mm Low Inverted Design
Multi Adjustable: compression, rebound, spring. 120-125mm adjustable travel.

Rear Suspension
Monoshock Low linkage, Aero Twin Spar Xylan coated Swingarm
Adjustable Ride Height
Ohlins Shock - adjustable compression and rebound damping, quick action spring preload adjuster
Stroke: 70mm
Wheel travel: 120mm

Front brake
Hydraulic system with Brembo Æ320mm floating disc (Options 300 and 290)
Master cylinder: Brembo Æ19mm
Calipers: Brembo - Radial
Goodridge Hose and Fittings

Rear brake
Hydraulic system with BremboÆ220mm floating disc
Goodridge Hose and Fittings
Brembo foot master cylinder (Optional Brembo Thumb Brake)
Brembo 4 piston caliper
Goodridge Hose and Fittings

FOGGY OZ 6-spoke magnesium light alloy front rim, 3.50x16.5
FOGGY OZ 6-spoke magnesium light alloy rear rim, 6.00x16.5

Electric system
Voltage system: 12V
Generator: 12V - 280W
Battery 12V - 4 Ah

Electronic LCD display Marelli MT940
Engine (4-stroke Reverse Parallel Triple)
Bore: 88mm
Stroke: 49.3mm
Displacement: 899.5cm
Compression ratio: 14:1
Crankshaft horsepower: 185 HP : @13,500rpm
Crankshaft torque: 105 Nm : @11,000rpm

DOHC, 4 valve heads, gear driven

Lubrication and cooling
Liquid cooling - closed circuit with radiator
Circuit capacity: 2.5litres
Wet Sump - closed circuit with cooler
Circuit Capacity: 3.5litres

Electronic ignition
CPU controlled gearshift cut-off
Map per Gear
Wiring harness designed for easy pin-to-pin Marelli DAS4 data acquisition
Denso RU01-31 spark plugs

Fuel feeding
Electronic injection Marelli 'MF4M' injection/ignition module
55mm throttle bodies inside the airbox
Fuel pressure 5bar
Double injector throttle bodies

Air Feed
Direct Aero Ram Air

3:1:2:3 exhaust system Micron/Optimum, with Titanium pipes, carbon fibre Aero Mufflers

Primary gears
27 teeth crankshaft gear
53 teeth driven gear

Dry SRT Variable Slipper - Hydraulic Actuation

Gearbox -
Cassette Variable (transmission ratios std.)
1st:Teeth 2.125
2nd:Teeth 1.833
3rd: Teeth 1.579
4th: Teeth 1.381
5th: Teeth 1.227
6th: Teeth 1.115

Final drive
16 teeth small sprocket
39 teeth big sprocket
Regina chain

Just Added!
Giant 12" x 17" screensaver image of the new Foggy Petronas Superbike

"I was walking around this morning with my race face on" Said Carl Fogarty at the bike pess introduction on June 11th. "I don't think I've been this nervous for a very long time. I can't impress enough how proud I am of the whole team. The amount of work they have put in to meet the deadline has been amazing

"This year is a development year for us. We need to finish races and fine tune the bike. Next year I expect us to be right up in the points and hopefully winning races and after that the world championship.

"We've got two of the best riders around to ride the bike. Troy Bayless was world champion in 96 and was my team mate in 99 and JamesHaydon is probably one of the hottest talents around at the moment."

"To see it like this, I just can't wait to ride it. It has been an absolute nightmare watching the guys racing this year and not being able to be out there, but now we can look forward to the rest of the year."
Said Haydon.

Above: Petronas engineers have been hard at work crafting and converting the GP designed prototype to a production based World Superbike. Click the above picture for more revealing secrets.