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Above: Supermodel Adriana Lima bornJune 12, 1981 in Salvador, Brazil, got her start in modeling when she won a local modeling contest in 1996. She quickly rose to stardom with appearances in Vogue, I-D, Marie Claire and other top magazines, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows and Catalogs, and print ads and TV commericials for Maybeline cosmetics. Shooting the 2005 Pirelli Calendar in Brazil was an enjoyable homecoming for her.

The 2005 Pirelli Calendar
Supermodels in Brazil. Images for editorial use curtesy Pirelli

The Pirelli 2005 Calendar
On November 18th 2004, at the Copacabana Fort in Rio de Janeiro, was revealed the world premiere of the Pirelli 2005 Calendar, the most exclusive world event for beauty lovers, fashion followers and photography connoisseurs.

Shot by world-renowned French photographer Patrick Demarchelier, the 2005 Pirelli Calendar has chosen the spectacular setting of Rio de Janeiro, the metropolis that, as Naomi Campbell says (appearing for the third time in the "The Cal") "reflects the Brazilian people's energetic and positive spirit"

The Theme
Demarchelier has grasped and assimilated the spirit of Brazil: 'O espirito do Brazil' is in fact the title chosen for the backstage film and of Rio de Janeiro, a city dominated by strong contrasts, required a masterly use of light to express strong contrasts and obtain striking portraits, black and white only.

Quite the opposite of last year imaginative, highly coloured and almost hyper-technologic calendar signed by Nick Knight, the Cal 2005 goes back to the traditional technique of black and white photography that also characterised the calendars by Arthur Elgort (1990), Peter Lindberg (1996), Richard Avedon (1997), Bruce Weber (1998) and Herb Ritts (1999). As the art director, Douglas Lloyd, states, "every image is a graphic portrait, classic but at the same time modern, exalting the beauty of the female body".

Demarchelier uses a personal technique that ensures the immediacy of the result, taking direct positive shots on Polaroid film. His photography stands out for its capacity to apply the most sophisticated studio techniques to spectacular, luminous locations, creating images that are fluid and at the same time immersed in nature.

The result is a truly unique version of the Pirelli Calendar, made up for the first time of 22 pages. The Calendar closes with a lively collage of shots "stolen" by the great photographer in a famous Rio discotheque, during the party that concluded the shooting.

The Models
The black and white photographs investigate the most mysterious aspects of the models seeking out the invisible source of their allure: alongside the already mentioned Naomi Campbell are Filippa Hamilton and Isabeli Fontana (already chosen by Bruce Weber for the 2003 edition), Adriana Lima (the current testimonial of TIM), Diana Dondoe, Erin Wasson, Euguenia Volodina, Julia Stegner, Liliane Ferrarezi, Marija Vujovic, Michelle Buswell, "Valentina" and Valeria Bohm.

A truly an international cast with three Brazilians, two Americans, one Russian, one Montenegrin, one Romanian, one Swede and one German.

Always attentive to details, Demarchelier chose the model's clothes with particular care. These, he comments, "confer elegance and an aura of mystery and emotion on women". Intriguing and sensual, the garments were specially designed to underline contrasts and geometrical lines. Standing out amongst the clothes worn by the models is the Pirelli Pzero line, to which Demarchelier dedicates his August portrait.

The twenty two year old Brazilian model Valeria Bohm, who won the "Garota Tim" competition promoted by Tim Brazil in collaboration with MTV, also took part in the photo sessions. Voted for by SMS, she beat off competition from the other 14 splendid girls specially selected by the agency Ford Models. "This is my first great chance", Valeria commented, on winning her place in the legendary Pirelli 2005 Calendar.

The Location
Demarchelier has chosen two particular locations to immortalise his muses and to re-create in the open, the environment of the photographic studio: a dune on the beach and the luxuriant garden of a colonial house.
The elegance and fresh spontaneity of the young models give the photos a sense of expression and natural beauty, in line with the exuberance of Brazil.
The Calendar closes with a lively collage of shots "stolen" by the great photographer in a famous Rio discotheque, during the party that concluded the shooting.

The Format
The 2005 edition is a truly unique version of the Pirelli Calendar, made up for the first time of 22 pages, one cover page, twelve pictures (one for each month) and a lively collage of 9 shots named "credits".
All pictures are on black and white with high contrast, mounted on a page frame which is purposely in white or black, to enhance the effect of the picture in the center.
Demarchelier uses a personal technique that ensures the immediacy of the result, taking direct positive shots on Polaroid film.
His photography stands out for its capacity to apply the most sophisticated studio techniques to spectacular, luminous locations, creating images that are fluid and at the same time immersed in nature.

So how can you get a Pirelli Calendar? You probably can't. Pirelli Corporation sells the calendars to their distributors around the world at a cost of around $40 each. The distributors, in turn, give them as promotional gifts to the media, their distributors and friends. In a country like America where there is such a huge hangup over nudity and an employer can be sued for sexual harassment if they hand out or display a nude calendar in the workplace, Pirelli USA buys and gives away only a handleful of calendars to special industry friends. Once in a while you can find an old Pirelli Calendar on, but your change of getting a current calendar is next to impossible.

The Photographer
Patrick Demarchelier was born in 1943 in a suburb of Paris, France. Abandoned as a child by his father, he was brought up with his four siblings by his mother in Le Havre. At 17 years old he was given a camera, and discovered his true calling. To pay for the cost of film and developing his photos, he worked for two years in the basement of a photo shop in Le Havre, learning everything there was to know about developing techniques and photographic paper.

Later he moved to Paris, where he found work as an assistant in the black and white laboratory of Publicis. For a few years he worked hard to earn a living, reaching a turning point in the mid sixties when he became the assistant to Hans Feurer, an expert fashion photographer and art director. The first tough impact with professional reality came a few years later, when he presented his photos to the Art Director of Elle who rejected his work out of hand. This was the lowest moment in the young photographer's career, and yet he persevered, and three years later it was the magazine Elle that commissioned a photograph from him for the cover which, out of negligence, was published without his name.

In the early seventies, a group of young photographers, including Gilles Bensimon, Arthur Elgort and Pierre Houles, began to develop new ideas on fashion photography, adding more provocation and subtlety. They considered photography in the same way as sculpture and not only as a way of displaying clothes. Patrick, an active member of the group, managed to build his own particular, personal style that made him one of the leading professional photographers.

He opened his first studio 1975 in New York and from 1992 to May 2004 was the leading photographer for Harper's Bazaar. He currently works with Condé Nast Publications. Celebrated in the pages of the most important international magazines, Demarchelier is undoubtedly one of the master fashion photographers of our era. His work has been published in the American, British, French and Italian editions of Vogue, in Mademoiselle and Glamour and other magazines around the world including Premier, Life and Rolling Stone.

He has been responsible for major international advertising campaigns for brands such as Chanel, Calvin Klein, Revlon and Lancome, The Gap, Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, Elizabeth Arden and many others, alongside many television campaigns. His talent can also be recognised on the album covers of records by stars such as Janet Jackson, Billy Joel, Madonna and Quincy Jones.

In 1989 Princess Diana asked him to portray her, becoming her official photographer and the first non-Briton to photograph the Royal Family. Demarchelier published his first book "Fashion Photography" in 1989. His second work, "Patrick Demarchelier Photography", published at the end of 1995, was so successful that a second edition followed in February 1996.

At the end of 1995, the Tony Shafrazi Gallery in New York hosted the photographer's first show; in 1997 the Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterey, Mexico (MARCO) presented his one-man show "Patrick Demarchelier, revealing elegance". The exhibition "Forms" at the Italian Museum of Modern Art (PAC) in Milan, first seen in 2000, is now in its third edition.

Art Director
Doug Lloyd established Lloyd & Co in 1994 and it has become one of the leading advertising and design companies in the world of fashion, fragrance and beauty. His vast experience and expertise has extended across many sectors and media: branding, 3-D design, sales and public relations support, graphic design, product consultation, and television, not to mention a valuable contribution in books and magazines. Gucci, Marie Claire, Yves Saint Laurent and Arena Homme are but a few of his prestigious clients.

Prior to Lloyd & Co, Doug was Art Director at Mademoiselle Magazines, Barneys New York, then moving on to Gap as Senior Art Director responsible for Baby Gap, Gap Kids and Gap advertising, plus the launch of Gap's shoe division.

Lloyd & Co have been featured in many world publications including the "New York Times", "i-D", "Big", "Commercial Photo", and "Elle Décor". His innumerable clients include Anne Klein (advertising), Gucci Envy and Gucci Rush, Karl Lagerfeld Fragrances, Nikon Eyewear, Swiss Army Watches and Tommy Hilfiger.

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Hanging out with
2004 Pirelli Calendar photographer
Patrick Demarchelier

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British Sportbike Magazines rates the top 7 hard core British sportbike magazines where bikes, half naked babes and roadracing are the norm -not the exception. In England, a county the size of just California, sportbike enthusiasts are blessed with 7 major monthly sportbike magazines! - America's got just 1 monthly newspaper and 2 semi monthlies.The Brits are so successful because they cover the topics sportbike enthusiasts want to see and read about, including beautiful girls. These great British sportbike magazines are now more readily available on your favorite newstands here in America. British Sportbike mag Review HERE

Above: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Yamilo Diaz-Rahl says "no" to Enrico Lo Verso in the 2003 Pirelli Calendar , but her eyes say "Yes, yes yes."

And Yes, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover supermodel Yamila Diaz-Rahl does have great breasts, and No, you can't buy the Pirelli calendar. But Money does talk, and many top supermodels get naked for Pirelli. A few years back photographer Herb Ritts got Cindy Crawford and Laetitia Casta totally naked on the beach for the Pirelli Calendar.
Then Herb got to resell the leftovers to Playboy.