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Mission R Electron Powered Superbike
2011 Suzuki GSXR 600/750cc • Hansen British Bike Meet
EICMA SHow • 2011 Ducati Diavel

Fast Dates Does Italy!  Ducati Edelweiss Imola World Superbike Tour

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New Brammo Electric Sportbike
Valentino Rossi and the Yamaha M1 - a video seminar with the Doctor
Shorai Lithium Motorcycle Battery - Good Bye Lead Acid, Drop Kick 8 lbs of weight!
NCAA Women's Volleyball - Lots of Chicks That Kick ASS!
EICMA 2010 International Motorcycle Show - Bikes and Girls
2010 MotoGP Championship Final from Valencia
Kawasaki ZX10R Ninja - 2011 All New 200hp Superbike Weapon
Taylor Momsen / The Pretty Reckless Chicks That Kick ASS!
Edelweiss Ducati Imola World Superbike Tour Across Italy
2010 World Superbike Finale from Magny-Cours Max Biaggi is World Champion
Kick- Ass Yoshimura Suzuki GS750E Street Superbike built by Jim Gianatsis
Ducati's New 2012 Production MotoGP and Superbikes!
2010 LA Calendar Motorccyle Show Event Covergage
Fast Dates World Superbike Calendar Photo Shoot Miller WSB 2010
• World Ducati Week 2010
NCR D16! OMG 240hp / 316 pounds!
Shooting Fast Dates Calendar 2012 at Miller USA World Superbike 2010
Motorcycle Advertsing Bringing Sexy Back!
20th Anniversary Fast Dates World Superbike Calendar
Pirelli Calendar goes topless with Victoria's Secret supermodels
• MotoGP to allow 1000cc Production Superbike Engines in 2012
Shooting Fast Dates 2011! Calendar Kittens Attack Miller Superbike
• John Britten A Video Tribute to Motorcycling's Most Creative Innovator
High Speed World Superbike Feature Movie Drama Staring Sienna Miller
Edelweiss Motorcyclist Alps Challenge - 5 Countries in 7 Days!

Calendar Kittens layla Bella and Candise Lakota

Mama Mia! Fast Dates Does Italy!
EICMA Bike Show

Ducati Edelweiss Imola Superbike
Chapter 1: The Trip
Chap 2: Ducati Factory, Museum, Store
Chap 3: Imola World Superbike Races Superbike Holliday Greeting Card

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Mission Motors R electric SuperbikeClick on some images to go BIGGER

World Premier Mission R Electron Powered Superbike!

December 17th 2010, Long Beach Convention Center, CA - The introduction the Mission R, the new factory race bike from Mission Motors took place today at the Los Angeles stop of the International Motorcycle Show's annual winter tour across America. The Mission R is the ultimate electric racing motorcycle. With components and software from MissionEVT which raced at the Isle of Mann, a revolutionary electric motorcycle chassis design by James Parker, and Industrial Design by Tim Prentice of Motonium Design, the Mission R is compact, nimble, intelligent and downright fierce. World Superbikespec components from Ohlins, Brembo, and Marchesini round out this serious built-for-racing package.

The highest specification electric race bike to date, the Mission R can compete in the new TTXGP alternative energy race classes at various venues around the world where this new watercooled electric Superbike should easily dominate. It probably would be very competitive in club level Superbike races where it might also be allowed to compete.

Mission Motor controllerThe Mission R bristles with MissionEVT innovations. Energy and power dense MissionEVT battery modules put more energy into a smaller space. This gives the Mission R the ability to turn lap after high speed lap for most race distances.The AC Induction motor produces 115ft lbs of torque and 141 HP, rocketing the bike from a standstill to over 160mph,all in one gear. Power is managed by the MissionEVT 100kW motor controller, with customizable regenerative braking maps, throttle maps and traction control enabling a new level of vehicle control.

Optimized for the race track, the Mission R features even more energy on board in their all-new race specific pac, and a hot swappable pack architecture. Mission's advances in chassis tuning, throttle mapping and traction control maps for electric motorcycles all come with an obsession for lower track times. Mission has not yet formulated any racing plans with the R for the 2011 season. No doubt major sponsorship support would be instrumental in helping Mission Motors to formulate a serious racing program. In the meantime, you can race your own Mission R for an announced price of $70,000. The only other bad news is the weight at 545lbs. It will be more than competitive against other heavy or less powerful electric bikes in the TTXGP Class, but its just to heavy against conventional 4-strokes that are 150 lbs lighter. For additional details go to

Mission R Specifications


141 horsepower liquid-cooled 3-phase AC induction
Crank: 115 ft-lb (0 – 6400RPM)
MissionEVT battery modules with integrated Battery Management System
Carbon fiber casing with dielectric liner
Swappable architecture
14.4 kW·h total energy storage

MissionEVT 100kw controller with integrated Vehicle Management System
Adjustable throttle mapping
Regenerative braking
WiFi & 3G data connectivity
Single speed, gear-driven primary reduction

160+ mph

RADD-designed Quad-Element Frame Billet aluminum and chrome-moly with Power-Unit as fully-stressed member
Battery box as semi-stressed member
Öhlins FGR-000 TTX25 Gas Charged Fork
Adjustment for preload, ride height, high and low speed compression and rebound
Single-sided billet aluminum swingarm with linear wheelbase/chain adjustment
Öhlins TTX36 Shock and linkage system
Adjustment for preload, ride height, high and low speed compression and rebound
Marchesini forged magnesium 10-spoke.
Front: 17" x 3.5"
Rear: 17" X 6"
Rear: 190/60 ZR17 Superbike Slick
Front: 120/70 ZR-7 Superbike Slick
2 Brembo 320 mm narrow-band racing stainless rotors
2 Brembo 2-piece billet 4-piston 30/34 mm differential bore radial-mount calipers
245 mm stainless rotor
Brembo HPK 2-piston 34 mm caliper

2011 Suzuki GSXR 600 750 details photos specifications information press

All New 2011 Suzuki GSXR 600 / 750cc Sportbikes
December 2010 - There are still experienced riders who appreciate a state-of-the-art 750cc engine combined with the compact size of a 600cc Supersport machine . For those riders, the GSX-R750 delivers unmatched excitement on the street and on the racetrack, during track days and in club races alike. But there are also knowledgeable riders who prefer a true 600cc Supersport, eligible for 600cc classes on the racetrack. For those riders, there is the GSX-R600. The all-new genertion 750/600cc GSXR models introduced for 2011 share the same chassis and engine architecture.
Both these new bikes have been released world and will be brought into the USA by American Suzuki as their first new model bikes in 2 years.
American Suzuki will also be offering a soon to be releases new 2011 GSXR1000 model, though it may just be an update, and not a new generation model. Not coming to the USA is the new GSR 750 naked sportbike which will be sold in the rest of the world, as American Suzuki and the other Japanese U.S. distributors struggles in a difficult makret which forced them just to try and sell off leftover models the last 2 years.

The new GSX-R750 and GSX-R600 models both feature completely new chassis designs, each based on a more compact, lighter twin-spar aluminum frame with a 15 mm shorter wheelbase. The GSX-R750’s wheelbase is now 1,390 mm while the GSX-R600’s wheelbase now measures
1,385 mm.

Rotating each model’s engine rearward by 3 degrees around the countershaft sprocket made it possible for the engineers to reduce the distance from the front axle to the swingarm pivot while maintaining the race-proven steering geometry and without losing the needed clearance between the front wheel and the radiator at full wheel travel. For both models, the shorter wheelbase better centers the combined machine/rider mass between the wheels, improving racetrack cornering and also shortening the reach between the seat and the handlebars. The shorter reach and slightly wider handlebar angle make it easier for the rider to reposition their weight while on the racetrack and also improve comfort on longer highway rides.

Each model’s main frame is built using five welded-together castings. But changes in the size
and shape of the main spar castings and the relocation of the connecting welds contributed to a 1,350 grams significant reduction in frame weight for each model and also allowed the engineers to adjust torsional rigidity and enhance racetrack cornering. Each frame is also narrower at the seat, making it more convenient for the rider to reposition their weight for cornering on the racetrack. Each model’s aluminum swingarm is also 900 grams lighter, thanks to a simplified design using fewer welded-together, cast parts.

In general terms, the GSX-R750 and GSX-R600 share a compact and powerful four-cylinder engine design that is perhaps best described as a real world demonstration of advanced high-performance motorcycle technology.

The engine is liquid-cooled with Suzuki Ram-Air Direct (SRAD) induction and a digital engine management system. Double Overhead Camshafts (DOHC) are driven by a link-plate chain off a forged crankshaft and open four titanium valves per cylinder through bucket tappets, with shim-under-bucket lash adjustment. The valves are set at a narrow angle, 22.5 degrees for the GSX-R750 and 22.0 degrees for the GSX-R600—allowing a very compact Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber (TSCC)—with the GSX-R750’s intake valves set at 10.5 degrees from the cylinder centerline and the GSX-R600’s intake valves set at 10.0 degrees from the cylinder centerline. For both models, the exhaust valves are set 12.0 degrees from the cylinder centerline.

Each model’s engine is oversquare, which means that it has a larger bore and a shorter stroke, producing a race-proven bore/stroke ratio which contributes to better efficiency and allows higher rpm. High-compression, forged aluminum three-ring slipper pistons feature cutaway sides and ride on short wrist pins carried by
shot-peened chrome molybdenum steel connecting rods. The rectangular upper compression ring and the oil control ring on each piston feature a chrome-nitride coating applied in a vacuum using a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) system. The chrome-nitride coating is harder and smoother than conventional chrome plating, reducing friction and improving cylinder sealing; the rectangular upper compression ring is pushed out against the cylinder wall by combustion pressure, reducing blow-by and further improving cylinder sealing.

Each bore in the integrated aluminum-alloy cylinder-block/upper-crankcase casting is plated with Suzuki’s own race-proven nickel-phosphorus-silicon-carbide coating, which reduces friction and improves heat transfer, durability and ring seal and is known as Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM). Pentagonal cutouts in the sides of each cylinder bore are larger in terms of area than conventional round ventilation holes, allowing air trapped underneath each descending piston to more quickly escape to adjacent cylinders where
the pistons are rising. The shape of the ventilation holes— wider at the top, narrower at the bottom—matches the actual flow of the trapped air, with more flow at the top and less at the bottom, and reduces pumping losses due to internal crankcase air-pressure resistance to downward piston movement. The larger ventilation holes also reduce overall crankcase weight.

The Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) system built into the ECM allows the rider to use a button mounted on the left handlebar switch module to select one of two engine control maps, regulating the fuel injection, secondary throttle valve and ignition systems. The two maps are designated A and B, with Map A delivering full power and acceleration and Map B producing more moderate acceleration. But like the other Japanase manufacturers, Suzuki lags behinfd the European sportbike manufacturers now offering tractions control and anti-lock brakes on their performance oriented motorcycles.


The new Suzuki GSX-R750 and GSX-R600 both come with 310 mm fully-floating front brake discs and new radial-mount, four-piston Brembo monoblock calipers. Suzuki joins Kawasaki's new 2011 ZX10R Ninja in making the moves to the Italian standard for racing brakes. The 32 mm caliper pistons are staggered to promote even pad wear, the trailing pistons offset relative to the pad centerline. The monoblock design of the new calipers makes them lighter, and their more rigid construction and increased piston area improve braking performance by providing the rider with more consistent power and better feel at the lever.

Download the 2011 Suzuki GSXR 600/750cc Brochure

Below: The new 2011 GSR750 naked bike being released in Europe, but not in the USA.
2011 Suzuki GSR 750

Paris Hilton MotoGP Paris does MotoGP!
Dec 18th -The forthcoming season of MotoGP will carry an extra dash of glamour after socialite Paris Hilton announced she is to launch her own 125cc MotoGP team for the 2011-2012 race season. The American heir to the Hilton hotels fortune has joined forces with the BQR set-up to form her own 125cc team, which will be called SuperMartxé VIP by Paris Hilton.

It will comprise of Spanish riders Sergio Gadea and Maverick Viñales with legendary mechanic Rossano Brazzi, who has worked with six-time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi among others, taking care of the technical details.

Hilton posted a link to the story on her official Twitter page on Tuesday saying: "This is going to be fun!" and an earlier Tweet read: "I love motorcycles." She says she will attend 5 races during the 2011 season.

Both riders were present at the launch in Madrid this weekend, alongside Hilton and her partners Nano, Xavi Montero and Ricard Garriga. The 125cc category is the entry level competition in MotoGP. The 250cc category is now called Moto2, while the top level MotoGP is 500cc.

SuperMartxé VIP is a dance-party series that hosts club nights in Spain. Hilton has starred in a music video to promote their events, and now their name will appear with hers on the team's livery.

Earlier this year film star Antonio Banderas supported a MotoGP team but it has recently collapsed after its major sponsor pulled out.

This should liven up the boring MotoGP pit lane!

The Hansen Dam parking lot was filled in the morning with about 900 classic bike (and car) enthusiasts.

Southern California Norton Owners Club
31st Annual Hansen Dam All-British Ride
- by Jim Gianatsis    Click on Any Picture to Enlarge

Sun Valley, CA, Nov 7th, 2010
-There's a special drill to starting a classic British motorcycle: open the petcocks, tickle the carbs, find the compression stroke to suck mixture into the engine, turn the key, kick over the engine with a mighty lunge so it hopefully won't kick back and break your leg. And pray. Repeat this 3 or 4 mote times. The ritual whiring and then a firing roar was repeated hundreds of times Sunday during the 31st All-British Ride out of Hansen Dam, one of the biggest gathering of John Bull bikes in the nation, if not the world. The ride starts and ends at the the Hansen Dam Recreational Area's parking lot, the site being located off Interstate 110 in Sun Valley, CA, on the east end of the San Fernando Valley just north of Los Angeles.

Dubbed the "best ride by a dam site," an estimated 900 mostly leathery baby boomers from across the country lit out under drifting clouds for a 100-mile rumble through the San Gabriel Mountains on such mostly bygone marques as Norton, BSA and original Triumph motorcycles. As the ride has grown in recent years, some beautiful classic Italian and Japanese motorcycles have also joined the ride. In fact, there's no rules on who and what can join ride, but the bike should be a least 25-30 years old, or be modified to look like classic cafe racer.  CONTINUED

It doesn't get better than these superbikes of the 1960-70s-: a brace of BSA, Triumph and Nortons poised ready to ride!

MV Agusta F3 675cc EIMCA Show photoNew Aprilia RSV4 Tuono, World Superbike gets naked!

2010 International Motorcyle Show Milan
Milan, Italy November 1st-6th, 2010 - When it comes to beautiful models, be it new motorcycles or the long legged female type, nothing can top the annual fall International Motorcycle Show or EICMA, the world's biggest bike event now held regularly in Milan, Italy. All the manufacturers use EICMA to premier their latest prototypes and production machines. The first 3 days are trade days devoted to the Media and Dealers, then the doors are swung open for the general public on the weekend. Attendance is around half a million people taking in three huge exhibit halls that can take 2-3 days just to walk and cover thoroughly.

The biggest premiers at this year's EICMA were Ducati's Diavel Sport Super Cruiser which we first premiered here in Pit Lane News in October, the new Aprilia RSV4 Tuono, the all-new MV Agusta F3 Superbike. The F3 is all-new from the ground up, a 3-cylinder pocket rocket displacing 675cc which makes it eligible for Supersport racing in both National and World competition. Factor in MV Agusta's commitment to lowering pricing on all their bikes, we suspect the mid-level F3 won't coast much more than its competitors.    CONTINUED HERE

Tom Sykes Kawasaki ImolaInside the Ducati Factory Museum

The perfect trip for any sportbike fanatic
The Ducati Edelweiss Imola Superbike Tour
- Italy, the Factory & Museum, Imola WSBK!

By Jim Gianatsis, Editor   
Bologna Italy, September 2010 -
We love the Edelweiss Motorcycle Tours, especially across Europe. Their new Ducati sponsored Edelweiss Imola tour this year across beautiful Tuscany in Northern Italy, starts off with a visit to the Ducati factory in Bologna to pick up new Multitstrada 1200s, and ends the following weekend at the Imola World Superbike races. This was a must-do working vacation for any hardcore sportbike enthusiast! We had never been to Imola before, and were excited to find it was another classic european race circuit like Monza, Le Mans and Nuremberg Ring, set in a beautiful forest in the middle of the city. We picked up our Media Credentials in the middle of town at the local town hall, then crossed a nearby bridge half a block away over a river right into the track's Paddock Area.

There' a lot more HERE: Part 1 The Trip • Part 2 The Ducati Factory / Museum • Part 3 Imola World Superbike

Our favorite heart throb, the talented and sexy Taylor Momsen rocks out BBC Radio live!

motocross supercross motorcycle design tuning performanceLight Me Up CD
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Taylor Momsen gets Pretty Reckless
She's the next big thing. Most of America still knows her as sweet young long legged Jenny Humphry on the prime time TV soap Gossip Girl. But in the last year actress Taylor Momsen turned 15 to 17 years old (going on 25) and emerged from her jail bait caccoon as a catapiller turned vampire bat - the sexiest rock diva ever. Taylor tops Madonna and Avril LaVigne in raunch, sex and beauty with songs like "Going Down" and "Make Me Wanna Die" while perfoming in bra, panties and garters. She also can sing! In interviews she talks about dating older guys, masterbating with her vibrator, and likes to say "fuck" a lot. We got to meet her this past summer when she performed on the Vans Warped Tour, performing at one concert with a Tampon string hanging from her panties the entire show. OMG. Check our her R-rated videos on and order her full 12-song Album "Light Me Up" recently released in England and is now available here in the colonies on by clicking left. Fuck yea!
Official 2010/2011 SBK World Superbike Yearbook from
The official 2010 FIM Superbike World Championship Yearbook, from one of the most important motoring sector publishers, Giorgio Nada Editore, is now available from
Every year, through the words and photographs of Claudio and Fabrizio Porrozzi, the official Superbike book testifies to the evolution and growth of the world championship for production-derived motorcycles.

This year you'll follow the exploits of Max Biaggi as he and Aprilia claimed their first World Superbike title in 2010.
You'll find complete coverage and exciting action photography from every race in the Championship, a close up look and the team bikes and riders, and a preview look at the upcoming Championship for 2011. This Annual is a must have for any Superbike enthusiast.
The 2010 book is the result of close collaboration between Infront Motor Sports and Giorgio Nada Editore, leader in Italy and Europe in the publication of motoring books. The hardback 2010 edition is in Italian and English and comprises 192 pages in 24.3x27 cm format, printed on 150 gr. paper. It is available now and is an ideal gift for Christmas. Available at special price of just $26.37. Click to order at right.
SBK World Superbike Yearbook 2010 2011

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Devastating Motorcycle Industry Statistics!
First-time bike buyers declining, consumer survey finds

Powersports Business
Friday December 17, 2010

The population of new motorcycle buyers is aging, with the average rider age increasing from 40 to 49 years since 2001.

Additionally, the percentage of first-time buyers has declined for a second consecutive year.

Those are two of the findings of J.D. Power and Associates 2010 U.S. Motorcycle Competitive Information Study, which includes responses from close to 8,500 owners who purchased a new 2009 or 2010 model-year on-road or dual-sport motorcycle between September 2009 and May 2010.

The study, now in its 13th year, measures owner satisfaction with new motorcycles by examining six major factors of the overall ownership experience: product, build quality, cost of ownership, sales, service and warranty.

In-depth details of the consumer survey, believed to be the largest of its kind, will be unveiled in an upcoming edition of Powersports Business.

Editor's Note: This is a devastating statistic for the motorcycle industry. With the median age of motorcycle buyers (and hence riders) going up by 1 year of age, in each of the last 9 years. That essentially means no young new riders are coming into the sport, and sales are dropping at a devastating rate of 5-10% per year, no matter what the economy does to improve. In 10-20 years when the median rider age reaches 60-70 years old and riders die off/stopping buying motorcycles, there will be effectively no new motorcycles sold in America.

New motorcycle sales have already dropped some 70-30% among manufacturers in the last 3 years because of the economic collapse in America. This new riders Median Age statistic report means that even if the U.S. economy improves 5-10% per year in the coming years, new motorcycle and product sales will never increase from where they have fallen today.

The only way to turn this around is to sell affordably priced, financed, and insured entry level motorcycles and scooters to teen angers with their parent's blessing that are as cheap and easy to purchase, insure and operate as $2,000 used car.

We don't see that happening with TV shows like Stunt Rider on The Speed Channel serving as the only street bike role model for kids, and the statistic that motorcyclists are 7-times more likely to killed in a road accident compared to automobile drivers.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen
The Pretty Reckless

Chicks That KICK ASS!

NCAA Womens' Vollyball

NCAA Vollyball

Kawasaki 2011 Ninja ZX10R Sales Hold to be Lifted in January
Kawasaki dealers to resume sales as normal.

IRVINE, Calif. (Dec. 29, 2010)---Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. announced that the recent sales hold placed on the 2011 NinjaÆ ZX?-10R sportbike is expected to be lifted in late January and that sales of the highly-anticipated unit will resume as normal.

Kawasaki said the proactive sales hold resulted from a finding that indicated possible surging of the intake valve spring when the unit is operated under unique riding conditions, such as on a racetrack. The surge could cause the intake valve to seat improperly, resulting in poor engine performance.

The camshaft, valve springs, and spring retainers are being replaced to prevent the valves from surging, without affecting engine performance.

Rule Change Creates More Action At 2011 Red Bull Indianapolis GP

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – December 9, 2010 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – MotoGP fans will receive even more value and excitement at the 2011 Red Bull Indianapolis GP motorcycle race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway thanks to new regulations approved Dec. 9 by the event’s governing organization.

All three classes of the MotoGP World Championship – MotoGP, Moto2 and 125cc – will feature more track time on Friday and Saturday at all events in 2011, including the Red Bull Indianapolis GP on Aug. 26-28 at IMS. The greatest increase of on-track motorcycle activity will be seen in the marquee MotoGP class, featuring Red Bull Indianapolis GP winners Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa, and Americans Nicky Hayden, Ben Spies and Colin Edwards.

Details of the new regulations for 2011:

MotoGP (four hours): Four one-hour sessions. There were three hours of combined track time for MotoGP on Friday and Saturday at the 2010 Red Bull Indianapolis GP.
Moto2 (three hours): Four 45-minute sessions. There were two hours, 45 minutes of combined track time for Moto2 on Friday and Saturday at the 2010 Red Bull Indianapolis GP.
125cc (two hours, 30 minutes): Two 45-minute sessions in the morning, two 30-minute sessions in the afternoon. There were two hours, 20 minutes of combined track time for 125cc on Friday and Saturday at the 2010 Red Bull Indianapolis GP.
The complete schedule for the 2011 Red Bull Indianapolis GP, including the times for motorcycle on-track activity, will be released at a later date.

2011 tickets: 2011 Red Bull Indianapolis GP tickets are on sale now.

To buy tickets, visit, call the IMS ticket office at (317) 492-6700 or (800) 822-INDY outside the Indianapolis area or visit the ticket office at the IMS Administration Building at the corner of Georgetown Road and 16th Street. Ticket office and phone hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (ET) Monday-Friday.

The 2011 Red Bull Indianapolis GP is scheduled for Aug. 26-28 at IMS.

Race Day general admission tickets cost $40, with Friday general admission $10 and Saturday general admission $20. A three-day general admission ticket is $60. A Friday-Saturday general admission ticket is $25.

Children ages 12 and under will be admitted free any of the three days of the event when accompanied by an adult with a general admission ticket.

Kawasaki puts hold on
and recalls all
2011 Ninja ZX-10R

December 14th 2010 - Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. has temporarily stopped selling its 2011 Ninja ZX-10R sport bike in what the company is calling a “technical hold.”

The company is asking for unsold units to be returned to Kawasaki warehouses. The units will be redistributed once “Kawasaki is 100 percent confident they reflect company standards for this highly technical, race-bred machine,” stated a press release.

Kawasaki also said those who have already taken delivery of the new sport bike will be instructed to return the unit to the dealership for a full refund “and will be among the first to have the option of receiving a new unit once the technical hold has been lifted.”

The Kawasaki press release did not state the reason for the technical hold.

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World Superbike Introduces European Junior Cup for 2011
 Rome, Wednesday 8 Dec 2010 - The European Junior Cup is an exciting new class that will feature at the events of the 2011 Superbike World Championship organized by Infront Motor Sports. Open to 14 to 17 year old racers from around the world the European Junior Cup takes place at some of the most famous and legendary racing circuits in the calendar.
Riders will compete on identical race prepared Kawasaki Ninja 250R motorcycles and will have the opportunity to display their talent in front of thousands of racing fans when they take to the track, directly before Sunday’s second World Superbike race.

The fantastic European Junior Cup package includes:
Race prepared Kawasaki Ninja 250 R and pit equipment
Transport of motorcycle to all rounds
Entry fees, tyres and fuel
Riding equipment and team wear
Hospitality at the Junior Cup paddock village
Technical support
Race coaching from star riders
Pre season training camp in Spain.

To prepare the young riders as they begin their international racing careers there will be an active coaching programme throughout the season, beginning with a training camp for all participants in Guadix, Spain.

The series then visits the following circuits:
Assen (15-17 April)
Monza (6-8 May)
Aragon (17-19 June)
Silverstone (29-31 July)
Nurburgring (2-4 September)
Magny-Cours (30 September – 2 October)

The European Junior Cup welcomes racers from a wide range of motorcycling disciplines. Entries will be considered from all riders who have held a competition license for at least one year in either road racing, motocross, enduro, supermoto, trials or minimoto.
For further information or to enroll in this exciting new youth series please visit the website, which will shortly be online.

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Team Suzuki Press Office - December 15. - Guy Martin had his first taste of Relentless Suzuki by TAS machinery at Almeria in Spain when he tested the team's GSX-R1000 Superbike at the weekend.

The newly-signed British rider from Lincoln rider also took time out to ride the all-new GSX-R600 during Suzuki's official launch at the same circuit and was suitably impressed.

Martin completed just over 80 laps of the Almeria circuit in near perfect conditions and was immediately blown away by the performance of the GSX-R1000 Superbike. The bike was run with the same specification that had been used at this year's Ulster Grand Prix, as team manager Philip Neill wanted Martin to use it as a starting point.

Two different engine specifications and a number of new parts were taken to the test, and although the team opted to run the bike with limited electronic aids - to give Guy a feel for the engine - he still reported it was the best Superbike he'd ever ridden.

Philip Neill- Team Manager:
"This is a great start to our relationship with Guy and to be one step ahead of the rest with an early test in December demonstrates our commitment to the job in hand. He's also the first rider to test the new 600, even though it was in road trim. We still have a lot of updates for the Superbike, which he will now try in February: things like a full Magneti Marelli package that will make the bike even better for him, so we are pretty excited at his feedback and already looking forward to getting started in 2011."

Guy Martin:
"It's mega to get out before Christmas with no pressure and no stop watches and just try different things - I mean who else is out there testing before Christmas? The last time I rode a GSX-R1000 was for a magazine test last year and I gave it a good write up, but the Relentless Superbike was just mega. I was more than impressed with it and the way the boys worked with me was equally as impressive. They knew exactly what I wanted and in less than a day the bike felt like it was mine - I would have been quite happy to race it. They tailored all the little things I like to suit me and the feel I got from the engine, suspension and chassis was fantastic.

"I also got the chance to ride the new little 600. The GSX-R600 was never a bad bike, but having lost a bit of weight and added more grunt, it's not going be on the back foot now is it? I'm looking forward to running it in race trim in the New Year."

Michael Jordan Motorsports’ Hayden Named to National Guard, Bostrom To Jordan Suzuki Teams
Jennings, FL (December 16, 2010) - Michael Jordan Motorsports (MJM) is pleased to announce that Roger Lee Hayden will represent the National Guard and its more than 360,000 enlisted soldiers on its #54 machine during the 2011 AMA Pro Racing National Guard Superbike Championship. His MJM teammate, Ben Bostrom, will pilot the #23 Jordan Suzuki motorcycle,.

“It’s an honor to represent the soldiers who are our first responders at home and who are called to duty around the world,” said Hayden.

“Riding the Jordan Suzuki bike is something I’m really looking forward to, I’m proud to represent the achievements, style and passion of Michael Jordan. I’m pumped!” said Bostrom.

“The Hayden and Bostrom names, as well as their talent, are known the world over. We’re confident in Roger Lee’s and Ben’s commitment to building the Michael Jordan Motorsports franchise into a true championship contender in 2011,” said Kreig Robinson, MJM Vice President of Corporate Relations.

Hayden and Bostrom are currently testing their bikes and preparing for the upcoming season at the JenningsGP facility in Jennings, FL.

Successful Shoulder Surgery for Marco Melandri in preparation for joing Yamaha's World Superbike Squad in 2011
December 24th - Yamaha Factory World Superbike Team’s new recruit for the 2011 series, former MotoGP star Marco Melandri, underwent minor and completely successful surgery on his right shoulder yesterday (Thursday 23rd December) and expects to be fully fit for the works squad’s next test at the Portimao circuit in Portugal on January 26th.

The 28 year old, a former Grand Prix 250 world champion, and a WSB rookie on the formidable YZF-R1 in 2011, has elected for a hospital visit and an overnight stay after some complaints around the joint possibly due to an old injury and in the wake of three days hard riding and testing recently.

After scans on Wednesday revealed some extra movement in the limb, the Italian opted for a clean-up procedure in order to reduce risk of further aggravation during his maiden term in World Superbike that is set to start at Phillip Island on February 27th. Dr Giuseppe Porcellini, the same specialist who worked on the shoulder of Valentino Rossi, performed the operation and the racer will leave his ward today (Friday). Dr Porcellini reported that there was no damage to ligaments therefore a straightforward ‘tidying’ took place and a ‘staple’ attached - that will erode naturally over time - will add extra stability.

Aside from requiring the use of a brace for two weeks the sole effect of Melandri’s trip to the operating theatre will be a slight interference with his ability to train 100% during the month of January but he expects to be fit and raring to go for his next appointment with the R1 in Portugal. Pit Lane News

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             Miller Motorsport Park
June 12 Misano San Marino
June 19 Motorland Aragon SP
July 10 BrnoCzech Republic
July 31 Silverstone Great Britain
Sept 4 Nurburgring Germany
Sept 25 Imola Italy
Oct 2    Magny Cours France
Oct 16  Portimao Portugal

All Rounds include Superbike    and 600cc Superstock except    Miller USA is Superbike only
European rounds also Include    1000cc Superstock
    exception Donnington

2011 MotoGP
Provisional calendar
March 20 - Qatar – Doha Losail (Evening race)
April 3 - Spain - Jerez de la Frontera
April 24 - Japan - Motegi
May 1 - Portugal - Estoril
May 15 - France - Le Mans
June 5 - Catalunya - Catalunya
June 12 - Great Britain - Silverstone
June 25 - Netherlands - Assen (Saturday Race)
July 3 - Italy - Mugello
July 17 - Germany - Sachsenring
July 24 - United States - Laguna Seca (Only MotoGP class)
August 14 - Czech Rep. - Brno
August 28 - Indianapolis - Indianapolis
September 4 - San Marino and Riviera di Rimini - Misano
September 18 - Aragon - Motorland Aragon
October 16 - Australia - Phillip Island
October 23 - Malaysia - Sepang
November 6 - Valencia - Ricardo Tormo – Valencia

2011 AMA Superbike
March 10-12 Daytona International Speedway
May 13-15 Infineon Racewy CA
May 28-30 Miller Motorsports UT
June 3-5 Road America
July 8-10 Mid-Ohio Sports CA
July 2 -24 Laguna Seca CA
August 12-14 Virginia Raceway
Sept 2-4 New Jersey Motorspts
TBD - Season Finale Location, Date and Banquet

2010 SBK Superbike
Preview 2010 SBK Season

Feb 28     Phillip Island AUS
Mar 28     Portimao, Portugal *
April 11    Valencia ESP
April 25    Assen, NL
May 9      Monza IT
May 16    Kyalami, South Africia
May 31    Miller, UT, USA
Jun 27     Misano San Marino *
July 11    Bruno Czech Rep *
Aug 1      Donnington GB *
Sep 5      Nuremburg, DM *
Sep 25    Imola, IT *
Oct 3       Magny-Cours, FR *

All races include Superbike and                600cc Superstock
*European rounds also Include                1000cc Superstock

2010 MotoGP

April 11 -   Qatar* - Losail
May 2 -     Spain - Jerez
May 23 -   France - Le Mans
June 6 -   Italy - Mugello
June 20 -  GB - Silverstone
June 26 - Netherlands** - Assen
July 4 -    Catalunya Catalunya
July 18 -  Germany Sachsenring
July 25 -   USA Laguna***
Aug 15 -  Czech Republic - Brno
Aug 29 -  USA Indianapolis
Sep 5 -    San Marino, Misano
Sep 19Aragon Motorland
Oct 3 -     Japan - Motegi
Oct 10 -   Malaysia - Sepang
Oct 17 -   Australia Phillip Island
Oct 31 -   Portugal Estoril
Nov 7 -  Valencia Ricardo-Tormo
*   Evening Race
** Saturday Race
*** Only MotoGP class

2010 AMA Superbike
March 4-6      Daytona FL
Mar 26-28      CA Spdway
April 16-18     Road Atlanta
May 14-15     Infineon CA
June 4-6        Road Am WI
July 16-18      Mid-Ohio OH
July 23-25     Laguna Seca
Aug. 13-15    VIR VA
Sept 4-6        New Jersey
Sept 24-26    Barber AL

2010 British Superbike
April 5
          Brands Hatch
April 16-18     Thruxton
May 1-3         Oulton Park
May 21-23     Cadwell Park
June 25-27    Mallory Park
July 2-4          Knockhill
July 16-18      Snetterton
Aug 6-8         Brands Hatch
Aug 28-30     Cadwell Park
Sept 10-12    Croft
Sept 24-26    Silverstone GP
Oct 8-10        Oulton Park

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