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World Superbike Valencia Troy Corser Run Away
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British hero Bob Rutter returns
AMA Superbike Barber Suzuki and Mladin with Hodgson close, again

2005 SBK World Superbike Season Preview - The Most Competitive Ever
Pirelli Calendar 2005 Supermodels get naked in Rio de Janero
• New Bikes!   • Ducati 999R FILA Special Edition   • MV Agusta F4-1000
Ducati 999R05 Our Exclusive First Test with Superbike girl Robin!
Calendar Angels Rock Laguna WSB Race Weekend Robin, Andra, Nicki

Meet our newest SBK Fast Dates World Superbike Angel Monica McDermott in the Brands Hatch WSBK Paddock Show Fast Dates Calendar Premier August 6-7th

Eric Bostrom (32) lead the race to the closing laps when Aaron Yates (20) caught and passed him, but at the expense of his tires, allowing Eric to repass for the win on the last lap. Yates' team mates and Championship points leader Matt Mladin was forced to pit half way into the race for a new rear tire, but still worked his way back up from last to 4th position at the finish.

Bostrom Won? - It Must be the Pikes Peak AMA National!
Fountain, Colorado, May 22: Parts Unlimited Ducati Austin's Eric Bostrom won the AMA Pikes Peak Superbike race on Sunday, his 5th win of the race in 7 years, by making a dramatic pass on the last lap to take the victory. Bostrom led much of the 48-lap race on his Ducati 999, but saved the best for last as he took his first win of 2005. His Ducati teammate, World Champion Neil Hodgson had an unfortunate day, finishing 31st after a temperature issue of coolant water overflow venting onto his rear tire forced him to pit.

Bostrom, winner of thirteen career Superbike races, took the lead at the start only to lose the position to Aaron Yates after some close, exciting racing between the two AMA veterans. Bostrom stuck closely to his rival through heavy lapped traffic and was able to make the pass exiting turn three on the last lap.

"This is definitely a sweet win," said Bostrom. "That race was a lot of fun. The start was perfect. I got a great jump off the line and tried doing laps in the 55 second range as long as I could. I thought the others would slow down as the race went on, but Aaron kept coming. I thought I was in big trouble when he came past. He was really quick through the infield but I was catching him back up in the sweeper (turn one). It was difficult to get close to him. Fortunately, we had the opportunity today and we got the win for Ducati."

For Bostrom and his mechanics, this win is a payoff for the hard work they have put in this season. "We have a better feel for the motorcycle now. We've had ups and downs, but the team has worked hard and got the bike working well for me. With the competition, racing AMA Superbike is always going to be a challenge but we have some momentum."

"What a race!" said team owner Terry Gregoricka. "Eric really showed what he can do today, fighting for the win for all 48 laps. What I thought was impressive was that he didn't settle for second place after he lost the lead. He kept pushing and things went his way. The entire team has worked hard all year, along with Eric and Neil. It's good to see the guys rewarded for their hard work and the Ducati 999 coming across the line in first place."

Neil Hodgson hoped for success in his first-ever race at Pikes Peak, but his quest ended quickly when he pitted. "I knew there was something wrong pretty much straightaway," said Hodgson, whose bike had a water hose issue in the race. "I looked down and didn't see anything, but my foot started slipping off the footpeg and I knew it was time to come in. That was the end. But that's racing ... the team's been fantastic this year."
Hodgson returned to the race several laps down but finished 31st, just one spot out of the points.

The next AMA Superbike event will be at Road America in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin, June 3-5.

Sunday's AMA Superbike National: 1. ERIC BOSTROM (PARTS UNLIMITED DUCATI AUSTIN 999), 2. Yates (Suzuki), 3. Spies (Suzuki), 4. Mladin (Suzuki), 5. Hayes (Kawasaki), 6. Rapp (Suzuki), 31. NEIL HODGSON (PARTS UNLIMITED DUCATI AUSTIN 999)

Superbike Points (after 8 of 18 races): 1. Mladin (Suzuki) 255, Spies (Suzuki) 240, 3. Yates (Suzuki) 239, 4. ERIC BOSTROM (PARTS UNLIMITED DUCATI AUSTIN 999) 204, 5. NEIL HODGSON (PARTS UNLIMITED DUCATI AUSTIN 999) 201, 6. Duhamel, Honda 171

Front Row Seating! That us in the top of the main grandstands over the pit garages at LeMans as Rossi grids on the pole for Sunday's race. The high definition jumbotron TV screen fed us the entire race live from around the track just as it took place for the world TV feed, to be delayed broadcast later in America.

2005 MotoGP World Roadracing Championship, Round 4 of 18 Goes to LeMans for Alice French MotoGP!

By Jim Gianatsis
Alice French MotoGP, LeMans, France, May 6-8th- There I was in Paris on Saturday night in the ultra exclusive Man Ray Restaurant and Disco with my buddy Lee Chapin from Mikuni, sipping on fine French wine and dining on the club owner's special recommendation of Japanese Sushi and Chinese fare, while gazing at the dozens of beautiful women sitting at the dinner tables all around us. We were the guest of Mikuni's French distributor Cyrille Bihr of Bihr Racing, France's top motorcycle performance parts company with 60 employees.

Life couldn't get much better than this. Lee and I had just gotten off the 120mph TGV bullet train earlier that day after finishing a 1-week Edelweiss sportbike tour on BMWs of the French Alps on the world's most incredible sportbike roads, mixed in with visits to St. Tropez, Nice, movie week at Cannes with Paris Hilton, and a bike blast around the Formula One Grand Prix track at Monaco just before the track was closed for the following weekend's GP race. The next 2 nights we would finish up our dream bike vacation in France with front row tables at The Crazy Horse and the Moulin Rouge for the world's hottest and sexiest strip and burlesque shows with the most beautiful professional dancers.

Look for complete coverage here with photos of our Special Edition Edelweise Motorcycle Trip to Western France in a few weeks.
Meanwhile our complete French MotoGP Coverage from LeMans is Here.....

Another World Exclusive! We shoot Valentino Rossi's
MotoGP World Championship winning Yamaha YZR M1B

Million Dollar Baby, Los Angeles, May 1st 2005 - In another Fast world exclusive, we were excited and privileged this past week to photograph Valentino Rossi's 2004 World Championship winning Yamaha M1 for the Fast Dates Racebike Pinup Calendar. Our own Editor and Calendar photographer Jim Gianatsis used his secret connections at the Yamaha factory to arrange for Rossi's million dollar rocket ship to be flown in to our executive studios in Los Angeles for an exclusive shoot for our premier racebike pinup calendar.

The beautiful model for the shoot was our own SBK Fast Dates World Superbike Calendar Angel and Ducati Corse Umbrella Girl, Miss Texas and Hawaiian Tropic International beauty pageant winner and actress "Rockin' Robin Cunningham. We were happy that Robin could take time out from her busy schedule to help us out, a schedule which includes hosting 3 different TV series and the filming of a major motion picture staring Robin. The movie is a horror flick named Campfire being filmed in Yosemite National Park with Robin as a Park Policeman trying to find out who or what is killing off the unhappy campers. campfire kiss scheduled for release on October 6th of this year, but we will be joining Robin on the red carpet for the premier at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles on October 6th.

The three new TV shows, also now in production, which Robin is hosting include X Music on the WB Channel which begins airing in June, where our girl interviews hot up and coming new rock bands. Then there's a show called Black Belt TV for a new martial arts network which will be premiering soon, where Robin just might get to show us her Texas bar room brawling and beer bottle bashing skills, learned in part from fending off Hawaiian Tropic pageant celebrity judges and drunken sport bike riders at the Blue Fin Bar on Cannery Row during race weekend at Laguna Seca.

Robin's third new TV series is called Underwater Oddessy on the ABC Family Channel which begins airing May 7th. We will be watching intensely to see if those playful dolphins she's covorting with in the Pacific Ocean might accidentally dislodge her bikini top. With this being the Disney Channel, the chances are slim to none for an on air wardrobe malfunction, but just seeing our perky Robin in a soaking wet swimsuit emerging from the chilly ocean is more than enough to restore our family values and viewing habits.

After our studio shoot with Robin and Rossi's bike we fired up the 240 hp missile and blasted it down 10 miles of twisty Mullholland Highway to the world famous weekend biker hangout The Rockstore in nearby Cornell, CA.There Jim commerated and recreated with Robin (see picture above) the 1994 Fast Dates Calendar cover with model Ginger Sweitzer and reigning World Champ Wayne Rainey's Yamaha YZR500 Grand Prix bike. This new picture to be featured in the next Fast Dates Calendar, in our Calendar Gallery in Members Corner, and available for sale on .

For all our new Robin Cunningham fans you can meet Rockin' Robin in person this year as she hosts our big Los Angeles Calendar Motorcycle Show weekend on July 16-17th in Long Beach, CA.

Cycle World previews 2005 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show in June issue!

Our tip of the helmet, or in this case Calendar Angel Rockin' Robin Cunningham's sailor cap, goes to senior editor Dave Edwards for the nice half-page feature preview of this year's upcoming LA Calendar Motorcycle Show in the June issue of Cycle World, the world's largest read motorcycle magazine.

Cycle World normally doesn't cover motorcycle shows, let alone offer up a 1/2 page preview beforehand. We'd like to think the top quality and excitement of our event weekend as the biggest and best custom and performance streetbike Show in the world had a little to do with it.

Other wise it's just the sexy shot of beautiful Robin in her cute sailor outfit posing with Zero Engineering's Best of Show bike from last year?
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LA Calendar Bike Show Exclusive World Premiers July 16-17th!!
The first public appearance of the radical new Dreamcraft Studios DSC-002 Rapture with its 1-piece billet machined aluminum frame. A complete departue from their DCS-001 Sega which premiered with us last year, the Rapture's inspiration came from a 'war machines of the future' theme which the bike's agressive stance stunningly represnts.

Jim Gianatsis will be the first to photograph the newly completed Rapture for the Iron & Lace Calendar and website, with additional photography available for print publications needing editorial feature photography of the bike. Contact: Gianatis Design. More Bike Show Information.

162hp Muscleman! - New BMWK1200R Naked Bike
Woodcliff Lake, NJ – May 18, 2005 - Just when you thought the growing “naked bike” segment – sportbikes shorn of their plastic wrappers, unveiled for all to see – was all about showing off and nothing about substance and style, here comes the 2006 BMW K 1200 R. Unlike the weightlifter who can barely scratch his own back, the K 1200 R is powerfully built yet agile, massively quick yet perfectly docile for those times you want to take it easy. It’s the ideal combination of menace and class.

BMW has taken advantage of the incredible technology housed in the new K 1200 S – a straight-line speed machine that also accelerates, turns and stops like a truly modern superbike – to create the K 1200 R. In fact, except for revised bodywork and ergonomics, the two bikes are very much alike.

The new BMW 163 hp Sport Roadster K 1200 R is due to arrive in the showrooms on June 4. The engineering of the so-called ´high-end muscle-bike´ is based on the K 1200 S sports machine, presented in 2004. The drive , chassis, brake system and modern on-board network have been adopted from this model with only a few changes to detail. The new bodywork and features, together with the extrovert design have resulted in a new, independently minded model, with an empty weight of only 237 kilograms / 521 pounds.

Behold the most powerful production motorcycle engine BMW has ever built, the beneficiary of decades competing at the highest levels of motorsport. But it’s not just about sheer thrust. Indeed, the K 1200 R’s revolutionary inline-four-cylinder engine sets new standards not just for power – and, as important, excellent power delivery – but it was designed from the start to be compact and light. Moreover, its unusual configuration – the cylinder block is canted toward the front wheel by 55 degrees – not only reduces the entire motorcycle’s center of gravity but also permits innovating packaging solutions. The K 1200 R’s layout is as far from a me-too arrangement as you can get.

´The slim-built four-cylinder in-line engine (1157 cm3) with three-way catalytic converter reaches its 163 hp at 10,250 rpm, and the maximum torque of 127 Nm is available at 8,250 rpm. The chassis was only subjected to minor modifications.´ The steering head angle has been changed to 61 degrees, which makes the duolever minimally more steep than the S. The aim of the changes to the geometry of the chassis as implemented BMW Motorrad is to improve the motorcycle´s handling, primarily at low speeds.

The most powerful roadster in the world is optionally available with an ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), at extra cost. This innovation, the first of its kind in the world, was first introduced in the K 1200 S; spring tension and damping an be rest comfortably at the touch of a button located on the handlebars, even mid-ride. As an optional extra, the BMW Motorrad Integral ABS is also available, in the more sport-oriented part-integral design.

The fuel tank holds almost 19 litres and the seat height is 820 millimetres, although a lower seat with a height of 790 millimetres is also available upon request. The K 1200 R can be purchased in the colours dark graphite metallic, white aluminium metallic and plain sun yellow.

BMW Motorrad is initiating its own brand cup contest starting in May, the BMW Motorrad Power Cup, motivated by the most powerful road motorcycle in the world. The first round was held at the French MotoGP at LeMans on May 15th.

Great New BMW HP2 - So Where's the Supermoto Street Model?

May 18th - A dream of many Boxer fans is coming true: BMW Motorrad is proudly presenting a truly uncompromising, sporting and exceptionally light enduro - the new BMW HP2, a Boxer built for the offroad enthusiast and the most demanding tracks in the world. just spent a week riding BMW's excellent GS1200R multi purpose bike in the south of France on the Edelweiss Western Alps Tour and fell in love with the big, beefy boxter engined bike we had for the trip. The only thing that crossed our minds to make it an even better bike would be to lightened it up by about 100 lbs so it could go head -to-head with our Bike of the year, the Ducati Multistrada S. The newly introduced HP2 just could be that bike with a conversion to 17-inch sportbike wheels, dual front disc brakes and a low mounted front fender. BMW are you listening?

Purist, but nevertheless stylish and perfectly equipped with the finest, carefully considered features, the BMW HP2 has everything it takes for unrestricted riding pleasure off the beaten track and is perfect as the "basic" machine for amateur enduro motorsport. More than any other motorcycle, the HP2 capitalizes in full on rough terrain on the benefits of the Boxer concept with its low center of gravity. But at the same time the HP2, with its almost playful handling, low weight, and high-performance power unit, offers supreme riding pleasure also on the road. So considering the many options it offers the rider, the HP2 is the most powerful and by far the best offroad Boxer of all times.

This brand-new model from BMW Motorrad was developed by a small but highly dedicated team of specialists, engineers and mechanics fully committed to the Boxer and also dedicated in their private lives to offroad motorsport, working beyond the usual processes of series development under the simple and straightforward motto that "only an enthusiastic professional can offer another enthusiastic professional what he really wants". In technical terms the BMW HP2 is based on the R 1200 GS. But tailored
in every respect to the needs and preferences of the ambitious enduro rider, the HP2 is a completely independent, truly exceptional motorcycle.

The all-new lightweight suspension is based on ample experience gained by BMW in marathon rallies, with an air/spring/damper system on the rear wheel proudly entering the world of motorcycling as a world-first achievement. The engine itself has been optimized for minimum weight and the entire drivetrain laid out specifically for offroad use.

Consistent lightweight engineering was indeed the name of the game with all the components of the new HP2. As a result, overall weight of the motorcycle in road trim remains below the 200-kilo "sound barrier", with curb weight according to the DIN standard of 195 kg or 430 lb. Dry weight, in turn, is a mere 175 kilos or 386 lb.

In conjunction with the new machine's perfect ergonomics, this guarantees supreme agility and easy control even on the toughest terrain. And combined with the low center of gravity of the Boxer engine, unparalleled smoothness and powerful acceleration from the lowest engine speeds, as well as the motorcycle's excellent balance, the HP2 is in many cases superior to even the toughest single-cylinder competitors on difficult, slow trial tracks. The superior performance and riding stability of an enduro Boxer on fast sections of offroad terrain, in turn, are obviously beyond the slightest doubt.

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July 16-17th 2005
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• World Record Jardine Dyno
• 2-Wheel Tuner Sportbike Class Ducati Class

• AMD World Championship of Bike Building Qualifying Round
Exhibitor Information

DJ Samantha Lee and Ballentine appearing at
LA Calendar Bike Show
Long Beach , July 16-17th - Beautiful DJ Samantha Lee ( has just been confirmed to spin her original tunes both days in the exciting new Metric Midway at this July's LA Calendar Motorcycle Show. The Metric Midway features our exclusive, Jardine West Coast Horsepower Dyno Shootout, the new Ducati bike display, and the 2Wheel Tuner magazine Sportbike Contest.
Stop by Sammys website to preview her tunes which will rock the Midway all weekend between blasts of the Jardine Dyno

Plus, just one of the incredible bands performing on stage throughout the weekend at the other end of the Queen Mary Park is Ballentine, an LA based pop/punk/rock band, began by touring internationally with the USO. Shortly after, they signed an "In-Theater" documentary deal with MovieTunes, which led to having numerous songs from their album, "4U" played in over 20,000 AMC/Carmike Theaters nationwide. Heather (lead vocals) and Frank (bass/vocals) starred on ABC's nationally televised summer reality show, "The Ultimate Love Test" which exposed Ballentine's music to millions of viewers.

Most recently, Ballentine signed a recording contract and national distribution deal with OME (Original Man Entertainment) and Lightyear / WEA (Warner/Electra/Atlantic).
Their album "4U" is now available in stores nationwide. Ballentine's approach to music effortlessly blends Pop-Punk and Rock & Roll, creating their signature Rock/Pop-Punk fusion.

Get the Ballentine 4U CD!

Factory MotoGP Teams Stay at LeMans to Test
Monday, 16th May - Following their double podium in the French Grand Prix yesterday, Gauloises Yamaha Team riders Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards rounded off their successful weekend with a one-day test at the Le Mans circuit today. Despite threatening-looking dark clouds hanging overhead for most of the day, the rain stayed away and the team was able to do some valuable work on a dry track.

Current series-leader and yesterday’s winner Rossi and his team-mate Edwards, who took his debut MotoGP podium for Yamaha on Sunday, continued to develop their 2005-spec YZR-M1s, testing some new engine parts from Japan and working on engine mapping and settings as well as testing tyres for Michelin.

Almost the entire MotoGP line-up stayed on to test today, as well as some 250cc teams. The fastest lap of the day was in a time of 1’33.70, set by Honda rider Marco Melandri, who finished fourth yesterday. Carlos Checa (Ducati) was second fastest with a lap of 1’33.78 and Rossi was third with a best lap of 1’33.97 after 54 laps. Yesterday’s runner-up Sete Gibernau (Honda) was fourth with a time of 1’34.07 and Edwards, who completed 52 laps, was fifth with a best time of 1’34.10.

The team will now enjoy a well-deserved two week break, before reconvening in Mugello in just over two week’s time for the Italian Grand Prix, round five of the MotoGP World Championship.

VALENTINO ROSSI – 1’33.97, 54 laps
“I think today’s test was okay and quite useful. We tried some new parts for the engine to give us some more power and although the difference is not big, I think it is good. We worked a lot on engine mapping in order to try to have better acceleration and we made some improvements in this area, which is very important. Of course we continued to work on the general set-up and also tested some new tyres with Michelin, from which we found some good options to use in Mugello. Overall we’ve got some positive things to take to Mugello, so it has been a good finish to the weekend.”

COLIN EDWARDS – 5th, 1’34.10, 52 laps
“Today we’ve made more steps forward in the right direction. We’ve been playing with the suspension and continuing to experiment with the mapping to try to find ways to make the bike easier to ride and more forgiving. It’s definitely getting better. We tested some tyres and found a new front that we’re happy with. We spent a lot of time on the settings, going over what we learned during the weekend so that we can hopefully just fire away when we go to Mugello. I’m 100% positive that we’ve found a good setting to enable us to get there and be quick from the start.”

“Of course it’s hard to work for one more day after a busy weekend, but we had a great result yesterday and we want to keep winning! Our race department work continually to find ways to improve the bike and as soon as they have something new they bring it to the track for us to test. We received some small engine parts from Japan and Valentino tried them today. He liked them so we will try to prepare them in time for Mugello. We also worked on the electronics and mapping with both riders – an important part of MotoGP. We tried some tyres, Michelin are constantly making developments this year so there are always new things to test! It’s a positive end to the weekend but we’ve got a long way to go until the end of the season so we will keep working hard!”

1. Marco Melandri (ITA) Movistar Honda MotoGP 1’33.70
2. Carlos Checa (SPA) Ducati Marlboro Team 1’33.78
3. VALENTINO ROSSI (ITA) Gauloises Yamaha Team 1’33.97
4. Sete Gibernau (SPA) Movistar Honda MotoGP 1’34.07
5. COLIN EDWARDS (USA) Gauloises Yamaha Team 1’34.10
6. Toni Elias (SPA) Fortuna Yamaha Team 1’34.35
7. Loris Capirossi (ITA) Ducati Marlboro Team 1’34.54
8. Nicky Hayden (USA) Repsol Honda Team 1’34.58
9. Troy Bayliss (AUS) Camel Honda 1’34.68
10. Shinya Nakano (JPN) Kawasaki Racing Team 1’34.78
11. Olivier Jacque (FRA) Kawasaki Racing Team 1’34.88
12. John Hopkins (USA) Team Suzuki MotoGP 1’35.01
13. Kenny Roberts (USA) Team Suzuki MotoGP 1’35.32
14. Ruben Xaus (SPA) Fortuna Yamaha Team 1’35.39

Umbrella Girl Apparel?
Dear Fast Dates,
I'm a huge Honda superbike Fan. I own a 2004 RC51 painted in West Honda Pons trim. I've been looking to the ends of the earth to find a West Honda Pons Umbrella girl outfit for my girlfriend. To complete the package as it were. If could you point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I would graciously submit any resulting photos to your web site. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
Kind Regards, Matthew Troy

Dear Matt, You'll never get the trick spandex umbrella uniform from a factory team. They only custom make enough for their own use (meaning expensive). Nor would they sell it to appear somewhere they can not control. Team Ducati Corse has my Calendar models return all their team grid girl apparel at the end of the race day.

However, you can buy some licensed team apparel from, They have team shirts and caps that you can match to a skirt, but the spandex umbrella girl stuff you'll have to make yourself if you really want it. Meanshile, you are more than welcome to send us a picture of your bike and girlfriend in a bikini!

Best regards,
Jim Gianatsis, Director

Spies Riding with
Broken Tailbone

Yoshimura Suzuki's hot young rider Ben Spies broke his tail bone in testing at Barbour Motorsports park 6 weeks ago.He kept the injury quiet the first month, but he has continued to ride and race has not allowed it to heal and he has been in a lot of pain at the past 2 AMA Superbike rounds at Infinion and Pikes Peak.

AMA Tech Bulletion Causes Confusion among Superbike Teams
Once again the AMA suprised the factory teams, this time just before the Infinion Superbike round when they issued a tech bulletion stating - "Covers that retain oil must be repalced by covers designed specifically to improve resistance to breaking and grind through in the event of a crash. Replacement covers must be made of machined aluminum."

The rule was so vaguely worded that it left team managers dazed and confused. Did the word "cases" include complete complete engine cases, primary covers, or just wet clutch and ignition covers?

Chuck Miller at team Honda, as well as the other team managers, never knew there was an immediate problem with ground through side covers spilling oil on the track. Nor did he know of any aftermarket comapny making the parts which the team could buy. And why couldn't cast magnesium or alumin covers be used, or steel cover guards over the stcock covers?

Also, the AMA has not researched to find out what approved machined aluminum covers are stronger than stock covers (obviously if the machined case is thinner than stock it can be weaker). Or if thicker machined cases will reduce cornering clearance and cause increased crashing as a result.

Sometimes the best intentions can cause more problems then they resolve if not throughly thought out.

New machined covers are required to be on all AMA Superbikes by the Laguna seca round in July.

American Honda's
Shame & Embarassment

OK, so American Honda's VP of the Motorcycle Division Ray Blank sits on the AMA Pro Racing board and devised the 600cc Formula Extreme class to give Honda a race class they could win without having to go head to head with any other manufacturers. And then he talked the AMA into turning the classic Daytona 200Superbike race into the one brand Honda 600cc Extreme race. Now American Honda flaunts its arogarance by running 2-page $10,000 ad spreads weekly in Cycle News touting its uncontested race wins in Formula Extreme. The above ad appear in Cycle News on Tuesday, just a day after their
1-2 Zemke and Duhamal win in the extreme class at California Speedway against no other factory teams.

It's not enough that American Honda has single handedly almost destroyed American roadracing, but now they falunt it to us on a weekly basis in their race win ads. For shame.

Pit Lane News does not cover cover the AMA 600cc Formula Extreme Championship because it is not a vialble or newsworthy race class.

Super Angel Janelle
We just added some super hot new pictures of SBK Fast Dates Calendar Angel Janelle Perzina in her Portfolio in the Meet the Models Gallery. Click on the photo above to get ahead.

Keith Ball Leaves Hot Bike Group as Editorial Director
Legendary V[Twin editorial garu Keith "Bandit" Ball of, associate sposnor of our LA Calendar motorcycle Show, has relinquished his short 6 month reigns as the editorial directer of Primedia's American Motorcycle Group and returned to freelancing. Here'sKeith's official announcemnet from his website

”My commitment to the readers of Bikernet was etched in stone. I would not abandon them. My commitment to Primedia was to help them direct their AMG titles for two years, if they bought Bikernet, and six months if they didn't. I honored my commitment.

So what's the deal? I helped the AMG staff (American Motorcycle Group) build a freelance team all over the country for expanded editorial coverage. We redesigned all three titles and gave each a strong individual face. With the October issue of Hot Rod Bikes the name will change to Bike Works for a tech bible re-launch. We expanded their involvement with events from two events to 10. We Sponsored Carrie Repp's Road House Tour and supported Billy Lane's Blood Sweat and Gears tour along with Bikernet.

I struggled with the big guys behind Primedia for a strong internet presence, but budgets held me back. I hope they will remedy that aspect. I pushed open doors to involve our titles with Build or Bust and Build-Off programming and hopefully someone will follow through. The list goes on.
So what's next? I'm coming home to Bikernet, but will continue to freelance write and work with the HOT BIKE Staff on special issues. And goddamnit, now I can finish my Sturgis chop.”

Jim Gianatsis / Calendars Signs Licensing Deal with
Our own world renown motorcycle photographer and publisher of the Calendars and Website, Jim Gianatsis has just signed a licensing agreement with for them to market on line selected images from Jim's incredible 35 year archive of motorcycle racing and pinup photography.

The Jim Gianatsis collection of motorcycle photography will be available online at beginning in June 2005.

Round Five – Bennetts British Superbike Championship – Mondello Park
Mondello Park, GB, May 15th - Ryuichi Kiyonari and Gregorio Lavilla took the victories in the fifth round of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship at Mondello Park, but Michael Rutter with second and fifth placings holds a 46 points advantage in the title stakes.
HM Plant Honda rider Kiyonari, returning after missing the previous round through injury, led throughout the opening race, with Rutter somewhat fortunate to take second place, coming eight seconds down after Glen Richards had tumbled out and then Leon Haslam had slowed with gear problems.
Lavilla took his Airwaves Ducati into third place, but, he overcame a dreaful start to carve through the pack and win next time out. "I felt much better on the warm-up lap, and though this will be a good race, but then I made a poor start.
"I decided to take it step by step, and got ahead of my team-mate Leon Haslam, but then thought I had allowed him to close up too much, but I held on to win – that is unbelievable," enthused Lavilla as he savoured the victor’s champagne for the first time.
His winning margin was 0.018seconds with Haslam happy with second place: "I led for much of the race, but am still pleased with the result, which is very good for my team – I had a bit of a coming together with Kiyonari, but held onto my place."
Rutter had complained of front end problems, particularly in the first race: "it was just a case of sticking at it – I thought that I would have to settle for fourth, but then Glen went straight and on, and Leon slowed." He had himself been involved in an opening lap tangle.
Pole starter Jonathan Rea clipped the back of his bike going into the first corner: "I felt something, but didn’t really know who it was – I had intended to keep well clear of Rea, but it didn’t work out that way."
Kiyonari ended the day with a smile: "very hard races, make me very tired, very pleased though with points and results."
Chris Martin and Danny Beaumont took the victories in the British Superbike Cup but James Buckingham with a third and then a second place holds the lead in the title stakes.

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