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Misano, Italy, May 17-24th 2004 -Saturday at WDW2004: the biggest, most thrilling day of them all here in Misano. Tens of thousands of fans have transformed the famous Santamonica circuit into a sea of Ducatis. And of course, it's another perfect sunny day in Italy.

Ducati had most its top riders in World Superbike and MotoGP on stage saturday night, including the top private teams. From left to right: Loris Capirossi. Frankie Chile, Noriyuki Haga, Steve Martin, Troy Bayliss, Ruben Xaus, 3 team managers and James Toseland. Neil Hodgsen was at home healing broken ribs from his MotoGP crash at Lemans. all the riders were availalbe to the fans throughout the week at autograh sessions, racing seminars, and at pit walk throughs.

At the Ducati Garage Challenge Tent, Loris Capirossi and Troy Bayliss were mobbed by hundreds of Custom-loving enthusiasts when they made the rounds of the Ducati Specials. Both MotoGP champions served on the Expert Jury and both racers were particularly impressed by the same bike. Troy said he chose the bike because it "represented the soul of a Ducati" while Loris selected the bike because it "had the clean and effortless beauty" he associates with the Italian brand. The winner was given a front fairing signed by Loris Capirossi, and the ever-gentlemanly Italian and Australian champions politely offered each other the opportunity to present the winner with the fairing until Troy finally said, "Well, it is your fairing Loris. Maybe you should be the one to give it away." Later, the staff awarded the specials that received the most votes from the public with "desmodromic" trophies created just for the occassion.

The Italian army Mangusta attack helicopter swooped up and down the track, as swarms of fans cheered above, and Superbikes roared on the track below. The afternoon saw the Ducati Auction of splendid pieces like Troy and Loris's signed scratched MotoGP tail pieces, with all proceeds going to Riders for Health and Clinica Mobile.

Ducati Corporate management including CEO Carlo Biaggi (below, 2nd from left kneeling) served dinner to all the participants on Saturday night a red carpet laid down the front straight across the start / finish line at Missano. When was the last time you ever meet anyone from a Japanese motorcyle company, let alone having them throw a huge party and dinner for youin appreciation for riding their bike?

The evening hosts some of the event's most spectacular events, from the stunning announcement by Ducati President and CEO Federico Minoli, who finally let tens of thousands of fans in on Ducati's mega-secret project - click here for more on Ducati's shock announcement - to an overflight by the famed Stormo squadron in their F104 jet fighter, a massive BBQ, Italian style, where all the enthusiasts were served delicious grilled fish by top Ducati management, fireworks and a live concert by Italian singing sensation Irene Grandi. And much, much more.

Italian pop star Irene Grandi ( comparable to a cross between Madona and Britney Spears in the Englsih speaking world)) rocked the Paddock Stage at Misano from 10pm to nearly 1am to the delight of thousands of fans, many of whom knew all her songs and sang along. The paddock Village (below) was transfored into a brightly lit mioni city at night.

WDW2004: THE LAST DAY Sunday Day 7
A record: 45,000 fans came to the Santamonica racetrack in Misano Adriatico over the course of the amazing weeklong event. A total of just over 19,000 passes were sold. The fourth edition of World Ducati Week has finally wrapped up, and like WDW’s past, it ended with a final raffle of a Ducati Superbike. The lucky winner, Federica Fontana of Bologna, Italy, was called to the stage in front of thousands of fans to accept herprize of a flaming red Ducati 999.

The most awesome moment of the final day, however, had to be the sight of thousands of Ducatis revving for the final bike parade along the beach roads of the Italian Riviera, where they were cheered on by masses of tourists and Italians who had come to soak up the sun.

One of the new offerings for this year is the “I WAS THERE” project, which will allow WDW2004 participants to search through hundreds of Ducati archive photos of WDW (of themselves or spectacular moments caught on film) and will then be able to order the selected photo in T-shirt or poster form. You will find all the details on the website.

WDW2004 was without a doubt the biggest and most spectacular WDW of all time. From every point of view it was an incredible success – and thousands of fans have returned home to spread the legend and lore of the greatest bike rally of them all! “It was the most beautiful WDW yet,” said Ducati CEO Federico Minoli as the thousands of departing Ducatis roared off, “There were thousands of fans, and WDW is truly about them. Once again the Ducati tribe showed their incredible passion for the motorcycling lifestyle and for this great brand. The only bad news is that we have to wait another two years for the next edition of the event, but starting tomorrow we will start thinking of how to make WDW2006 even bigger, better and more beautiful!”

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The Events of WDW2004

The Italian Air Force
did a fly over of Misano in an F104 fighter jet painted Ducati red with "999" Superbike painted on the side. Now that's national support!

World Ducati Week, the international meeting of the Ducati community, established another record with the recently concluded fourth edition. The event was a fantastic success in every way and attracted, entertained and thrilled tens of thousands of motorcyclists who flocked to the beautiful seaside Misano Adriatico GP Trackin Italy from the four corners of the Earth between Monday 17th and Sunday 23rd of May to prove their passion for the Ducati Legend, its motorcycles, people and lifestyle..

More than just a consuming passion, the Ducati passion is one that pulls in numbers too. Attendance was estimated at over 45,000. 19,000 tickets were sold, and nearly half of these were weekly passes, purchased by those (countless) individuals who could not think of missing even one of the events that Ducati organised for its fans to animate this great international event that inspires the entire motorcycling community.
The seven super-intense days reached their peak on Saturday 22nd May, when the largest number of Ducati enthusiasts, estimated at around 13,000, was recorded. This colourful invasion of Misano Adriatico’s Santa Monica race-track provided an unmistakable sound track of Ducatis to complete an exceptional motorcycling event. also made a major contribution to the success of the event by managing the website dedicated to WDW2004 and providing an incredible amount of information before, during and after the meeting, exponentially increasing the event’s exposure to the many members of the Ducati public who for one reason or another were unable to take part directly. Thanks to these fans were at least able to take part virtually. The figures speak for themselves: during the week from 17th to 23rd of May more than 350.000 visits were made to the WDW2004 website!

Of the many activities organised for participants at WDW 2004, those promoted by the Ducati website proved a particular success. The top scorer was the “I WAS THERE. WERE YOU?” event that attracted hundreds of enthusiasts during the WDW weekend (21st-23rd May). staff took snaps of the people or situations they considered interesting. The resulting photos were published (starting from the 26th May) on the web site. All those immortalised in this way and all others who simply want to keep a memento of this unforgettable experience, can download the shots they want, vote for their favourites, send e-cards with their own photo or even, thanks to sterling cooperation by E-shirt, order a print of their chosen photo on their selected T-shirt design. More than 1,300 images are available. In the first 30 minutes of going online were recorded approximately 35,000 visits.

And let’s not forget the Ducati Garage Challenge, the competition to find the best special that began before WDW with the selection of the 30 best bikes from those entered on the Challenge site. It continued at Misano, leading up to the announcement of the three category winners and their prizes, including awards from the official Ducati team riders.

But what firmly placed this fourth edition of WDW in the annals of history was the announcement made by the CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, Federico Minoli. On Saturday evening Minoli personally announced the official birth of the Desmosedici Racing Replica engine to the Ducati world. The announcement was the official beginning of the road-going Desmosedici development process. This limited edition machine is destined for a lucky few Ducati enthusiasts who will enjoy the maximum expression of Ducati Racing technology as well as the unique professional competence of Borgo Panigale’s R&D department. Another two years will have to pass before the first machine becomes available, so all you can do for the moment is book one and wait for WDW2006 when the very first bikes will be handed over on the very same stage from which the announcement was made this time around.

“This has been the best, most entertaining and most successful WDW in our history,” commented Minoli at the end of the spectacular parade of thousands of motorcycles from Misano to Rimini. “The level of involvement has been tremendous, and the participants have been the event’s real protagonists. The Ducati tribe has again shown its passion for motorcycling and for the legendary Ducati name. We are a great family, united and strengthened by our passion for riding. It’s a pity we’ll have to wait two years before the next WDW, but we’ll start organising it tomorrow! Let’s hope we can put together another week just as great, just as entertaining and just as passionate as this one. I’ll see you all at WDW2006!”


The People of WDW2004

Irene Grandi's biggest fans in the crowd were the girls who roacked and sang to all her sings for 3 hours!