Ducati Streetfighter 1098S upgrades to full Ohlins suspension and DTC traction control. CLICK TO ENLARGE

2009 Ducati Motorcycles

66th International Motorcycle Exhibition, Milan

Ducati Introduces the 1098 Streetfighter
and Superbike street range increases engine size to 1198cc and 170hp.

Rho (Milan), 3 November 2008 – A real, live runway, as those used during the Milan fashion week, set the scene for the entrance of the 2009 new additions in the Bologna manufacturer’s range. The most exciting new mode at Milan was the new Streetfighter. Based on the current 2007-2008 Ducati 1098 Superbike with its 160hp Testastretta 4-valve watercooled engine, but with output down slightly to 155hp because of its less efficiaent exhaust system, the Streetfighter design is similar to Aprila's popular Tuono model range which strips the company's Superbike model of its full bodywork and replaces the clip-ons with tall handlebars for a more controlled and comfortable sit-up riding postion.

Stripped to the bare essentials, its combination of state-of-the-art race technology, exposed styling and cultured design takes Ducati’s big naked concept to the very top of the fighter food chain. With 155hp of awesome Ducati L-Twin muscle harnessed in a stripped-down, super-light bike that packs more punch for its weight than any other contender, this fighter is gloves-off and ready for action. Whether laying down the miles on open roads or ripping up the urban asphalt, no other bike in town will roll with the same stylish fire-power.
This ultimate naked will be ripping-up the asphalt from Spring 2009.

Ducati Streetfighter ConceptThe original Ducati Streetfighter concept, while above and below the final production result.

Pictured above is the original Streetfighter concept drawing which had a very Bomota-ish look and was very sexy with it's own unique frame, cast aluminum sub frame, and triangular shpeed mufflers. The actual production Streetfighter, pictured below, was kept more cost effective, quicker and easier to build by employing the 1098 Superbike's original fame, subframe and exhaust system. Expect Ducati's ro offer its usual 2 versions: a 1098 base model and a 1098S model with full Ohlin's front and rear suspension. will have all the details and more pictures for you on the Nov 3rd release.

Ducati Streetfighter is also available in a “S” version equipped with Öhlins suspension, lightweight forged Marchesini wheels, carbon fibre parts and a street-going Ducati Traction Control.

Ducati Streetfighter

The Streetfighter has things to like: It's a naked fun bike, and the 1098.4cc engine is the best engine Ducati has ever built. And now you get legendary Ducati Superbike handling in a comfortable sit-up design.

And it has things not to like: One disappointment is the Monster style side exhaust which cheapens the look of the bike and lowers power. We would have prefered the Superbike models' under the seat full exhaust system as shown on the concept bike s to maintain the heritage,looks and performance of where the streetfighter came from.

But the really big negative for us is the Streetfigher gets an even slower 25.6° steering head angle/rake than the already too slow 24.5° steering head angle/rake found on the regular Superbike models which dos not work well in most applications (only the 1098R Superbike model's steering head can be turned in to a quicker 23.5° angle as used on the Corse race bikes) (all other Ducati street bikes are quicker turning 24° including the Monsters). Increasing the Streetfighter's steering head angle another 1.1° also has the effect of increasing the Superbike's optimum wheelbase of 56.3 ins to an overly long 58.1 inches. The result is the streetfighter probably handles and turns like a truck, and not like a real "Streetfighter" should. Dissapointing. Of course, the real proof will be in riding the bike. Available colors are Black, Red, and Pearl White.

Update 10/2009 - Read our riding evaluation of the 2009-2010 Streetfighter at Left.


For 2009, the Ducati Superbike family has two major new additions, both made absolutely special by their engine size as well as equipment and components – these are two bikes that are sure to carry on and increase the success achieved with the celebrated 1098.

The new DUCATI 1198, while maintaining the same look as the previous 1098, is in fact a totally new bike. The 1198, which produces a powerful 170hp (125kW) from its new Testastretta Evoluzione engine, and has a dry weight of just 171kg (377lb), incorporates all of the World Superbike technology derived directly from the 2008 World Championship winning race bike of Troy Bayliss.

The Ducati Data Analysis, supplied as standard equipment on the 1198 S model, enables the retrieval and analysis of data collected from a track session or road trip. The innovative road-going Ducati Traction Control (DTC) system monitors front and rear wheel speeds to detect rear wheel-spin under acceleration and electronically reduces engine power to restore traction. DTC, which offers a choice of eight settings, provides a considerable increase in safety during mid-corner acceleration.

Ducati 1098R08 Troy Bayliss ReplicaCLICK TO ENLARGE

The 1198cc R model Superbike for 2009 gets the Troy Bayliss World Champion commerative paint scheme from Troy's final race at Algarve, Portugal. The only annoying thing is having to expain to everyone why your $40,000 R model gets the "1098R" identification on the fairing while all the lower priced 2009 Ducati Superbikes will now get your big 1198cc engine and have the newer "1198" idenification on their fairings. The commerative 2009 model R will be numbered in 500 editions and comes with a signed and numbered desk placard from Troy Baylis and Ducati CEO Gabriele Del Torchio.

EICMA is also the first major opportunity to celebrate the great sporting results Ducati has achieved in 2008. Second place in the MotoGP series and Superbike World Championship titles, both for riders’ and manufacturers’, thanks to the victory of Troy Bayliss - in the debut year of the 1098 F08.
After his resounding victory, Troy announced his retirement from motorcycle racing and Ducati decided to celebrate his career by producing the limited edition ‘1098 R Bayliss’, a worthy conclusion to a career during which he won three World Championship titles aboard three different generations of Ducati Superbikes.

The new generation 690 Monster introduced last year, gets a big brother in 2009 with the big 1080cc Desmo 2-valve engine and avaiable in Standard and S-Model with Ohlins suspension. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Ducati add the new Monster 1100 and 1100 S to the 2009 range, both icons of Italian excellence. Dedicated to those who want to make the ultimate expression, this jewel of style and performance is powered by the charismatic two-valve 1100cc Desmodromic twin-cylinder engine, famous the world over for its legendary torque and acceleration.

The 2009 range is completed by the new pearl white colour for the Hypermotard 1100 and Multistrada 1100 S and the new black with white stripe livery version of the GT 1000, available also in a special Touring version.
In addition, Ducati presents many new accessories, special components and a new collection of Ducati clothing.

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Rho (Milan), 3 November 2008 – A real, live runway, as those used during the Milan fashion week, set the scene for the entrance of the 2009 new additions in the Bologna manufacturer’s range. These dream bikes are the result of Italian genius and creativity and will capture the attention of everyone visiting EICMA 2008, Milan’s international motorcycle show being held at the city’s international exhibition centre in Rho, from 4 to 9 November. From here they will go on to setting new standards as they arrive on the international market.

A press conference brimming with information, technical details and new unveilings was held prior to the official opening of the show. Gabriele Del Torchio, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, met members of the international press and presented the amazing sporting and sales achievements that the Bologna company has recently recorded, as evidence of the Italian manufacturer’s strength and performance.

Before the 2009 models were let loose, the press was also shown the new Ducati logo, an evolution of the historic brand name, which now includes a new red shield featuring a new graphic symbol, alongside the classic Ducati script. This replaces the previous, celebrated, stylised letter ‘D’ and makes this motorcycling logo even more eye-catching and unique in its representation of passion, competition and performance.

“Confidence and passion are the two key words for the coming year. – said Mr Del Torchio as he opened the conference – These words are directly inspired by the results we have achieved in 2008, during which we have continued to grow, despite the shrinking markets, to the extent that our sales have increased by 25% in just two years. Our confidence and passion come from having identified a series of strategic activities that we at Ducati are working on both internally and externally, in order to offer our customers all around the world increasingly innovative, reliable and distinctive products, which are guaranteed to make their dreams come true. We are convinced that by working in this direction, as we have underlined in our company mission, we can generate a positive future for our shareholders and our customers, as ambassadors of Italian products adding prestige to our worldwide standing.

The amazing new products that we have brought to EICMA 2008 represent the fruit of our technological research and development, which Ducati expresses through its updated range, confirming how much this company is focused on the product as well as supporting and sustaining our sales targets for the next few years.”

Claudio Domenicali, General Product Manager of Ducati Motor Holding, introduced the major and eagerly awaited new Ducati products for 2009. The motorcycles made their entrance on the runway ridden by four of Ducati Corse factory racers and testers: Niccolò Canepa (Monster 1100), Michel Fabrizio (1198), Vittoriano Guareschi (Streetfighter) and the newly crowned World Superbike Champion, Troy Bayliss (1098 R Bayliss). It was a truly impressive, spectacular presentation that made the occasion even more thrilling.
The real star of the event was the new Ducati Streetfighter, which is already among the top contenders for the title “best bike of the show”.

The 1098 /1198 Testastretta Evoluzione Engine
The Testastretta Evoluzione engine is the crowning glory of Ducati’s development and perfection of the L-Twin engine. World Superbike dominance for the last 15 years is the result of continual commitment to twin-cylinder technology and the 1098 Testastretta Evoluzione, the most powerful twin-cylinder production engine in history, is a fitting reward to our engineers’ continued ingenuity.

The 1098/ 1198 engine is immediately recognisable by its completely new compact cylinders and cylinder heads. Other 1098 innovations and revisions are less obvious as they reside inside the Evoluzione’s engine cases, but whether external or internal, every new development was conceived to create a lighter, more efficient, more powerful and ultra-compact engine for the new generation of Ducati Superbikes.

The 1098 capacity is a result of a significant increase in the bore and stroke of the Evoluzione motor. Highly ‘over-square’, it now sports a big 104mm bore and a relatively short 64.7mm stroke. To optimise the benefits of the new, big Ducati Twin, the cylinder heads have been completely redesigned and, when combined with advanced MotoGP induction technology, enable even the standard specification 1098 to produce more power than the previous extreme Testastretta ‘R’ engine.

The Evoluzione features a reduction in the angle between intake and exhaust valves allowing highly efficient, straight intake ducts and newly shaped combustion chambers that contain racing size ‘R’ valves (42mm inlet, 34mm exhaust), operated by radical ‘R’ derived camshafts. The new cylinder heads also benefit from fewer components and include magnesium covers to achieve a staggering weight-saving of over 3kg (6.5+lbs).

After optimising the Evoluzione cylinder heads, engineers then focussed upon releasing the potential of the new design by feeding them with MotoGP-derived elliptical throttle bodies. With a 30% increase in air flow over conventional throttle bodies, the new elliptical shape contributes an incredible 5hp increase to the record-breaking motor. 1098 owners will be the first to feel the power of this MotoGP technology on the road.

The Testastretta Evoluzione is the lightest Ducati Superbike engine ever, thanks to close scrutiny of every engine component. A total of 5kg (11.1lbs) has been saved by reducing the weight of many components, including transmission gears and the gear selector drum as well as the oil pump and primary gears.

The Testastretta Evoluzione’s increase in power is protected by a highly efficient oil cooler with increased surface area and an advanced coolant radiator assisted by lightweight, high flow electric fan assemblies. The compact and intricate design of the cooling system integrates perfectly with the 1098’s wind-cheating aerodynamics and sleek lines.

Finally, the 1098 is complemented by an all-new exhaust system. Significantly lighter, it has been engineered with a power-increasing symmetrical 2-1-2 layout that uses 52mm-57mm diameter tubing with wall thickness reduced by 30% to 0.8mm (.030in). The system terminates with Ducati’s trademark twin under-seat silencers, delivering that unmistakable signature sound of the big bore 90° L-Twin.

More really good stuff....

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Ducati's World
Championship Racers

An inside look at the World Championship Ducati bikes and riders.

Hits and Misses: Ducati Streetfighter 1098
Nov 2009 Ride Review - The Ducati 1098 Testastretta 4-valve watercooled twin cylinder engined Superbike is a World Championship winner, the Hypermoto 1180 air cooled 2-valve twin cylinder engined naked sportbike is one of Ducati's biggest success stories and most fun bikes to ride. It stood to reason that a Testastretta powered naked bike would be the best of both worlds ...incredible power and torque in a light, nimble, incredibly handling package.

Enter the Ducati Streetfighter in the spring of 2009 amid much hype and excitement. It was a stripped down naked version of the 1098 Superbike with slightly higher one piece bars. Our mouth was watering, we wanted one in our garage. But then, a quick look at the spec sheet for the Streetfighter and we immediately became concerned.

The already slow 24.5° steering geometry and 56.3 ins. wheelbase of the Superbike (the 1198R models are adjustable to an even quicker 23.5° angle as used by the Corse race team) hasn't been retained in the Syteetfighter, or matched to the even quicker handling Hypermoto at 24° steering, wheelbase 57.3 ins. Instead, the Streetfighter was make even slower handling with a really raked out 25.3° steering head angle and an extended swingarm for a 57.8 ins. wheelbase. We decided to reserve judgment until we actually got to ride a Streetfighter on the street. Meanwhile Ducati premiered the Streetfighter to the International press on a high speed race track where the slow handling and low handlebars would not be as noticeable.

We finally got to test ride a streetfighter at our local dealer in the fall of 2009 once the initial pre ordered bikes had been sold, and demo bikes became available. To our dismay we found the Streetfighter to be even more disconcerting to ride than the spec sheet led us to think. The bike just does not turn, and the low, short leverage handlebars don't help any by pulling you up over the front of the bike. You no real leverage to overcome the bike's slower steering,while you are positioned splayed across the gas tank, staring at the front wheel with no perceived protection that even a race fairing would provide. We kept thinking we were ready to die by being planted head first, into the first object on the road that got in our way.

Compounding matters even further is the rear set foot peg location retained from the Superbikes which provide no leverage or control for sit up street or tight canyon riding. The foot pegs/foot controls need to be positioned 2.5 ins. in front of the swingarm pivot like on the Hypermoto, not 4.0 ins behind the swingarm pivot like the Superbike. In all, the Streetfighter's foot pegs need to be moved 6-7 ins. forward for better bike control and rider comfort on the street.

The Streetfighter 1098 is just not a very easy or enjoyable bike to ride. Why would a serious sportbike company like Ducati design the ergonomics of the Streetfighter like this we don't know (because a lot of people buy Ducati Monsters with the same silly riding position/ergonomics, stupid!). Ducati is marketing this bike as a rich kid's toy for profiling around town, and not as canyon racer. We have to point out the new Multistrada 1200 has essentially the same Testastretta engine with even better around-town power, comfortable sit-up riding position, ergonomics, and it is afar better bike for all applications (it's just not as sexy looking as the Streefighter). If you've noticed, the few people who did buy a Streetfighters when it first came out, well, they just aren't riding them much. They leave it parked at home. The word is out. And now Ducati NA is now trying hard to move current Streetfighters with discount financing offers.

We have suggested to Ducati that they make available an optional Ducati Perforance Kit that offers more forward placement foot peg controls, and a taller, more rearward placed handlebar. This would at least make the bike ride able for people who have already bought one, or the bikes not yet sold. And for the next model year Ducati certainly needs to include these foot and handlebar changes as standard, together with a change back to the stock Superbike swingarm and a quicker 24° steering angle. Then Ducati would have the ultimate naked superbike I'd want to own.


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